When you and your friends get together, drinking is one of the best ways to communicate feelings. However, drinking will increase the burden on the kidneys. If you have severe pain after drinking, it may be because you have damaged the kidneys. The pain may be severe or mild, and usually affects the parts around your upper back. We introduce you to learn more about the causes of kidney pain after drinking.

Kidney pain after drinking, why?

There are many reasons for your kidney pain. Some people only feel pain when they drink some alcohol, and others can feel pain even when they stop drinking. Here are some of the reasons behind your kidney pain.

1.Kidney  overworked

When you drink, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, so that the kidney overwork, make you feel pain.Kidney function is to filter out the waste, keep the body moisture. When you drink less, the kidneys can handle the alcohol into the body, but when you drink a lot, the kidneys will increase the workload, which will lead to increased urination, which may lead to dehydration, once the body dehydration, it will increase the kidney Stress, it will damage the function of the kidney, leading to kidney pain.

2.Brittle renal pelvis

Your urine enters the ureter through a tubular structure called the renal pelvis. Excessive drinking will lead to excessive urine, will affect the renal pelvis and cause pain. When you remove excess urine, the pain usually disappears.

3.PUJ blocked

Pus and ligation (PUJ) obstruction may also cause kidney pain after drinking. This condition refers to the complete obstruction of the renal pelvis, eventually leading to abdominal pain or back pain.

4. kidney stones

Excessive drinking leads to dehydration, which may lead to the development of kidney stones. When you guide sedentary lifestyles and eating imbalances, you may increase the chance of developing kidney stones. When you drink too much, it will increase the production of urine, so that the rapid movement of kidney stones, causing severe pain.

5. liver disease

If you are already suffering from liver disease, you are more likely to treat pain. Liver injury can change the speed of blood flow to the kidneys and require a balance to effectively filter the blood. This makes your kidneys harder to filter your blood, which eventually leads to dehydration and kidney pain. One of the main causes of liver disease is drinking.

How’s kidney pain like?

Now we know that drinking may suffer from kidney pain, but do you really know what is kidney pain?
  1. In most cases, you will experience a very intense and even painful pain that gets worse at night
  2. The severe pain between the buttocks and the lower ribs is usually a typical sign of kidney pain.
  3. Your kidney pain may radiate down the abdomen or abdomen.
  4. Other common symptoms of kidney pain include fever, nausea, blood in the urine, vomiting and dysuria.
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