What are the symptoms of dehydration in the human body? Can you get kidney pain from dehydration? In fact, dehydration is a common symptoms in our life, but the dehydration is not what we call the washing machine dehydration, but refers to a symptom to our body . Human dehydration is a decrease in our body's extracellular fluid caused by a group of clinical syndrome.

According to the human dehydration associated with changes in serum sodium or osmotic pressure, the human dehydration is pided into low permeability dehydration that is extracellular fluid to reduce the combination of hyponatremia; hypertonic dehydration that extracellular fluid to reduce the combination of hypernatremia; isotonic Dehydration that extracellular fluid is reduced and normal serum sodium.

Then what kind of symptoms do you have in your body is dehydration? Human dehydration is  due to lesions, consume a lot of water, and can not be added immediately, causing a metabolic disorder, serious will cause collapse, and even life-threatening. Human dehydration patients usually feel tired, stand dizzy, and even syncope, confusion and other symptoms, some people dehydration can occur in patients with organ arterial insufficiency such as chest pain, abdominal pain. Common signs of poor skin elasticity, dry skin and mucous membranes, the pulse accelerated and weak, superficial vein collapse, limbs Jue cold, urine output reduction.

Here it is worth noting that many children will appear diarrhea, diarrhea is also easy to cause dehydration of the human body, but diarrhea is not very powerful, manifested as mild dehydration, mainly can see the child's tongue, lips two parts are relatively dry, slightly reduced urine output, the whole person is very weak. But if it can be corrected in time, the human body is not much harm.

If it is moderate dehydration, the child will be apathetic, dry skin, poor flexibility, if the fingers pinch the skin from the abdomen, release the hand, abdominal skin can not immediately flatten. Children have dry tongue, saliva less, eyes collapse, close your eyes, you can still see the eye, in medicine called blind eyes. General children to moderate dehydration, to cause doctors and parents attach great importance to the oral solution can not solve the problem, but also point liquid.

Severe dehydration: severe dehydration is due to the loss of a large number of body fluids, the proportion of 10-15% or more, will hurt the body of other organs, kidneys, central nervous system, severe or even produce shock.

With the parents of the child's physical development more and more attention, severe diarrhea caused by severe dehydration occurred less often found that the child has any uncomfortable symptoms will go to the hospital in time, but also to remind busy working parents to pay more attention to the child's health.