difference between back pain and kidney pain

For men, this is a major event in life. The man back pain is kidney pain?

The man is back pain kidney pain? Kidney belongs to the more common in kidney disease, and kidney deficiency also caused a lot of patients life annoying. But in the life of many men do not understand the symptoms of kidney pain, following some symptoms of kidney deficiency told everyone.

Male back pain is a common symptom of kidney deficiency and kidney pain, low back pain caused by male kidney is mainly in kidney deficiency symptoms of muscle nerve, accompanied by insomnia, dizziness, backache, lower extremity weakness; often feel sleepy but can not sleep, dreaminess, easy to wake. Men of low back pain in patients with kidney deficiency type, weight is there is a significant increase or decrease trend. The morning, found abdominal muscles pale pale.

The symptoms of kidney deficiency had nocturnal polyuria, nocturia and more than 2 times, or 1/4 over the full amount of urine, serious kidney deficiency patients with nocturia once an hour, close to or over the amount of urine urine volume during the day, with such news are "nocturnal polyuria."

The back leg pain, frequent urination, long time sitting in the car, and finally the formation of blood stasis to Months and years pass by. lead to kidney deficiency symptoms. This is also the main deficiency of the kidney. Argue with treatment, symptomatic medication, but also with the correct diet and rest, pay attention to the maintenance of the kidney is a very important thing.