lupus and kidney stones

Kidney stone, I do not know how much you know about it, if it is initiated, the disease will make you feel confused and disoriented, and can not distinguish between the southeast and the northwest. Then, how about kidney stones pain? What helps kidney stone pain?

Kidney stone attack pain, is the main body of natural stone, because stone stuck in the pipe, causing pain. This time you should be drinking water, about two or three cups or so, when you have to urinate, the pain will disappear. Of course, this method is only a temporary solution, but it will reduce the friction of pipe expansion. And the stone, if the stone is small, may be out of the body, but the stone is too large, can not be ruled out. Still need to go to the hospital to do the corresponding treatment.

How to prevent kidney stones?

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water, you can dilute the urine, you can very good prevention of kidney stones, especially in summer, but also to drink plenty of water, in order to supplement the body's water and urine excretion

Eat more diuretic food

In life, people can choose to eat a little more diuretic food, help the body out of water, common diuretic foods are watermelon, pears, strawberries, wax gourd, radish and so on

Moderate calcium supplementation

Life, always hear people say that to calcium, but experts believe that the amount of calcium needed, and not everyone needs calcium, most kidney stones are calcium, there are a few other crystal, therefore, in life, to a certain amount of calcium, don't blindly make up.

Right amount of protein supplement

They can not be directly the formation of kidney stones, but it will cause uric acid and calcium and other minerals to form crystals, and eventually the formation of stones, therefore, must be adequate intake of protein, but not so that we do not eat protein foods! Protein also is very useful to the human body.

Eat less salt

The salt eats more, can hinder the water in vivo's movement, the urine has not been able to have enough water to dilute, naturally has the stone possibility

The above is the "fly Jun" today for you to explain how to alleviate the pain of kidney stones, and What helps kidney stone pain?, I hope you all friends, you can promptly pay attention to kidney stones, do a good job to pretect your kidney.