kidney pain vs lower back pain

Pain is the most common type of all diseases, and cause the cause of the pain very much, for different reasons, the treatment method is different, for the treatment of pain completely, really want to find the cause of the pain, do due to treatment. In pain, low back pain and Nephralgia due to their similar symptoms, and pain the pain is similar to the patient's own position, so it is difficult to distinguish, of course, about the pain to analyze specific issues, it is how to distinguish the reasons below! We have two kinds of pain, and the symptoms specific to look.

There are many reasons caused by lumbago, waist is connected to the chest, abdominal, pelvic central zone. Therefore, these structures can be lumbago tissue, organ pathological changes. In addition, the spine, waist muscle, ligament, nervous system disease and abdominal organ disease can show lumbago.

The main point of back pain Nephralgia concentrated in kidney area, more complex reasons, such as stones, are likely to cause acute nephritis and kidney pain, under normal circumstances, this kind of related diseases, will be accompanied by some of the symptoms of urinary system, is to determine whether a significant difference between the two pain. Low back pain in general chronic pain, except the relevant organs, the possibility of lumbar muscle strain is relatively large, so patients can feel pain on the surface, and usually with Nephralgia, acute stomachache is mostly key may be very deep, and the pain was cut. The above is lumbago and Nephralgia, some relatively simple difference. But no matter what kind of pain, for different reasons, the treatment method is different, no matter what kind of pain to accurate diagnosis, then due to treatment to solve the problem, get rid of pain, restore physical health as soon as possible.

What lumbago and lumbago symptoms?:

Low back pain is common clinical manifestation of dozens of diseases. One of the body's head, neck, upper limbs and trunk weight by the waist bear, daily life, work attitude of people, weight, waist movement. The waist and the center is connected to the chest, abdominal, pelvic central zone. Therefore, low back pain can be the structure of the tissue, organ pathological changes. In addition, the spine, waist muscle, ligament, nervous system disease and abdominal organ disease can show lumbago.

Nephralgic performance:

Kidney disease patients often have low back pain (pain symptoms, and kidney) renal physicians in diagnosis will also ask patients with low back pain. So many people think that the pain is certainly a kidney problem without lumbago is not kidney disease. But it is not the case.

Exactly speaking, nephrologists were asked no pain, no pain refers to the kidney area. The medical textbooks, each person has two sides in human kidney, Department of spine, shaped like a normal adult kidney bean. 10~12 cm long, 5~6 cm wide, 3~4 cm thick, and each kidney the quality of 120~150 grams. The kidney in the abdominal cavity after upper front wall of abdominal. The right kidney and upper adjacent liver, left kidney lower position than about 1.5 cm. Because of abdominal muscle relaxation of thin, hard breath, doctors can waist bimanual method touch the lower pole of the right kidney. Because many people often feel it is thought that the lumbago, kidney disease, fear to uremia. In fact, people say the waist position lower than the position of the kidney, so this is not usually a kidney disease, and more likely to be lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation and gynecological diseases caused by. So, if you feel pain, but to The hospital asked the doctor for an examination to determine whether it was a pain in the kidney area to avoid unnecessary psychological burden

But kidney pain (back pain) can also be caused by other reasons, such as lumbar muscle strain, lumbar hyperosteogeny, lumbar sprain, pelvic inflammatory disease and so on. On the other hand, some patients with renal disease without lumbago. Because kidney disease can occur very subtle, in the early stage of kidney disease may not have any symptoms, and when symptoms obviously, the condition is very serious. In fact most acute, chronic nephritis, patients with only slight discomfort in the waist backache, nephrotic syndrome, rarely severe lumbago. Therefore lumbago patients should go to the Department of Nephrology, check whether the exclusion caused by kidney disease.

Many people mistakenly think that as long as the pain that kidney problem. In fact, more than 90% of the patients with nephropathy will not appear symptoms. And tell lumbago lumbago, most are not kidney problems. Kidney disease caused by lumbago is mainly pided into the following categories.

The lumbago caused by kidney disease can be pided into four groups

I. enlargement of the kidney caused by parenchymal diseases

Mainly in acute glomerular nephritis, acute nephritis.Pain: enlargement of the kidney in renal capsule, there will be persistent pain, dull pain. Symptoms: some patients with hematuria, edema, hypertension. Laboratory examination: urine test to find. Two, a kidney infection in renal abscess, acute pyelonephritis, mainly due to bacterial infection performance: pain. Unilateral low back pain, unbearable pressure and percussion examination: often accompanied by symptoms of fever and chills. Laboratory examination: can be diagnosed by conventional ultrasound and laboratory hematuria. Three renal tumors or cysts, such as renal cysts, polycystic kidney disease, benign and malignant tumors. The pain: if the cyst or tumor large enough to involve the kidney capsule, causes persistent pain and dull pain. Laboratory examination: by ultrasound or CT to diagnose. Four, kidney stone pain: if incarcerated stones in the ureter occur renal colic Show, intermittent, severe episodes of angina pectoris, possible radiation to the perineum. With accompanying symptoms: sweating, nausea and vomiting, when severe hematuria. Laboratory examination: through ultrasound or abdominal X-ray diagnosis.