Maintaining a healthy diet is a prerequisite for maintaining the patient's health. The following five principles should be followed in the diet of patients with renal infections

1, low protein diet with high quality protein: first used wheat starch as the main source to heat. Also available corn starch, potato starch instead of rice and flour. Secondly, also can be used with high calorie, low protein food as the main source of energy, such as potatoes, yams, taro, sweet potato, lotus root water chestnut, chestnut powder, non essential amino acids. The food should limit food, such as dried beans, bean products, nuts and cereals.

2, patients with low salt, low sodium, chronic renal failure, hypertension and edema should limit sodium salts and sodium rich foods and use salt free meals when necessary. Use of diuretics or with vomiting and diarrhea should not limit sodium salts

3, chronic renal failure, high potassium should be limited to potassium containing food, avoid eating fruit juice, careful selection of vegetables and fruits

4, the supply of high calcium low phosphorus diet in chronic renal failure patients, with increased serum phosphate and calcium decreased, thus induce osteoporosis. The ideal diet should increase the calcium content of lower phosphorus content. Calcium rich foods are milk, green vegetables, sesame and other cooking fish and meat. When boil fish out with water, then stir fried, can reduce the phosphorus content of fish, meat.

5, to maintain the balance of water, the balance of water in patients with chronic renal failure is very important. Must be under the guidance of doctors, liquid supplement, to prevent excessive intake of water, to the discharge of obstacles, and swelling