Patients often have such a question "how can I know they are suffering from lupus nephritis?" in fact can be found in daily life, some subtle signs can show that you are not suffering from lupus nephritis, then to lupus nephritis patients self testing?

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1, there is no sense of fatigue, fatigue. Under normal circumstances, such as the emergence of patients than usual fatigue, with no obvious improvement after the break, should think of disease activity.

2, the joint (such as the proximal interphalangeal joint, wrist, knee book, ankle joint pain, swelling, etc.) with morning stiffness or joint effusion.

3, the emergence of new rash (such as cheek, discoid, chilblain skin, erythema multiforme like lesions, inflammatory skin lesions, a Zhou Hongban) or the original rash worsened.

4, upper respiratory infection and diarrhea, infection has frequent micturition and unexplained fever or unexplained ESR were significantly higher.

5, the emergence of new or recurring oral or nasal ulcers. New or recurring patchy or diffuse alopecia.

6, is the most common inflammation lung lesions in patients with SLE. Patients often complain of chest pain, with respiratory motion or postural change aggravate.SLE heart disease, with pericarditis is most common. Mainly for retrosternal or precordial blunt or sharp pain, chest pain, cough with breathing, swallowing or aggravated and leaned forward. If the above situation appears to reduce chest pain during the course of disease, should go to a regular hospital. Nephropathy

7, if the blood routine examination found that white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin is lower than the normal level or urine protein, urine routine in red blood cell, should consider whether disease activity.

8, unexplained diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, after anti infection and symptomatic treatment did not improve, consideration should be given to the presence of lupus gastrointestinal activities.

9, if the SLE patients with hallucinations, delusions, controlled by a sense of thinking disorder, hypomania, psychiatric symptoms, depression and other disorders of consciousness, disorientation, and so cannot be calculated from organic brain syndrome and severe and persistent headache, seizures, should be considered the central manifestation of SLE, should be early to normal kidney the hospital.

These are 9 issues how to list the kidney hospital experts in patients with lupus nephritis patients can be self testing, control of their disease, such as kidney symptoms, should be early to the hospital for examination and treatment of nephropathy, normal completely cured.


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