Urinary tract infection is a very common disease, and the incidence of urinary tract infections in women is very high, which is closely related to the daily health habits of the patients. Therefore, women need to pay special attention to personal hygiene habits in their daily life. So, how to prevent urinary tract infections in females?

Urinary tract infections are more common in women of child-bearing age. It is important to pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the vulva. Uric road infection has certain cause more, reason should check the patient whether to have uric road stone thoroughly, kidney or ureter have the circumstance such as deformation. In addition to drug treatment, drink plenty of water, to maintain the daily urine volume of more than 2000ml, so as to play the role of urinary tract irrigation, urinary tract infection is also very important for the treatment. In addition, gonococcal urethritis is also common at present. If any, gonorrhea should be treated first. The application of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of urinary tract infection has accumulated a lot of clinical experience, can applications such as detoxification of isatis root, gentian, Patrinia, plantain, in addition, should also pay attention to strengthening nutrition, enhance physical fitness.

Five prevent measures in females urinary tract infections:

  1. First, we should pay attention to physical exercise, improve the body resistance.
  2. Second, to develop good drinking habits is the most simple way to prevent urinary tract infections. More water, more urination, can play a role in the erosion of the urinary tract, so that from time to time invade the urinary tract of trace bacteria excreted with urine.
  3. Third, a reasonable diet, work and rest. Increasing intake of fruits, vegetables, mung beans and red beans can help reduce urinary tract infections.
  4. Fourth, women usually need to strengthen the perineal health care, regular cleaning, but should not use strong alkaline soap and soda and other alkaline solution cleaning, in order to avoid the urethra part of the acid barrier role was destroyed. The bath tub or without bath shower, insist on.
  5. Fifth, wear briefs mainly cotton fabric, avoid chemical fiber fabrics.

The above is how to prevent urinary tract infections in females. Women urinary tract infection mostly upstream infection, this is because the female urethra straight and short, bacteria easily up to the bladder infection. What needs to remind you is that female friends must know how to protect themselves, strengthen their physical exercise in daily life, develop healthy and nutritious eating habits and keep their bodies clean.