Women have a high risk of disease during pregnancy, such as urinary tract infection, because pregnant women are influenced by the female and progesterone effects, urine discharge slowed down, plot more, save for a long time, easily lead to bacterial reproduction, increased the chance of sick, and even cause pyelonephritis. Especially to the late stage of pregnancy, the expansion of the uterus oppression of the ureter, so that poor urine flow. Diabetes may occur during pregnancy, which is also conducive to the breeding of bacteria; In addition, if have bladder injury during delivery that is more likely to induce upside infection.

What are the cause of urinary tract infection during pregnancy?

  •  1. Secretions increased. During pregnancy vaginal secretions will be a corresponding increase, and by the secretion of secretions caused by reduced pH, is conducive to the growth of local bacteria, become the source of infection.
  •  2. Ureteral expansion by the gradual increase in the oppression of the uterus, the ureter will be passive expansion, while the role of progesterone in the ureteral wall muscle tension decreased, peristalsis weakened, slow down, so that the positive flow of bacteria up. 
  • 3. Urine sugar in the high dose of renal muscle sugar decreased, urinary glucose, amino acid content increased, easy to breed bacteria.
  • 4. Urination is not smoot.To the late stage of pregnancy, swelling of the uterus oppression of the bladder and ureter, which can cause poor urine flow and urinary retention. Retention of urine not only the urinary tract mucosal irritation, but also easy to create the conditions for the breeding of bacteria.

The above is about what are the cause of urinary tract infection during pregnancy, hope that pregnancy patients avoid the causes that can cause urinary tract infection, if there are any other problems, please consult our online doctor or leave us a  message.