Urinary tract infection is one of the common symptoms of pregnant women which need to attract the attention of the mothers.Then how to do with urinary tract infection?What are the home remedies for urinary infection during pregnancy?How to avoid urine infection during pregnancy?There are several ways below,and everyone can follow it.

  • 1,pregnant women to develop a habit to take more water thus more urination,urine can continue to wash the urinary tract,so that bacteria are not easy to grow and multiply;
  • 2,better to change underwear everyday, to use cotton products,boiled disinfection,exposed to the sun;
  • 3,do not hold back urine,completely emptied the bladder when urine;
  • 4,do not bake the lower body during pregnancy;
  • 5,before going to bed,then wash the lower body with warm water.Both spouses should develop the habit of cleaning every night,towels,pots,feet cloth should be separated,feet and wash the hairy towels should also be separated.Bath should adhere to the shower,avoid bath or pool bath;
  • 6,eat more fresh vegetables and fruits,eat less onions,leeks,garlic,pepper,ginger and other spicy spicy food,reduce the stimulation of the urinary tract.Quit smoking.Do not eat warm food;
  • 7,late and middle stage pregnancy,increased uterine in the supine position when oppression bilateral ureter,so that urine and easy to stay.Take the lateral position,especially the left lateral position,which is conducive to smooth urine,the prevention of urinary tract infection,but also to increase fetal blood supply is also useful;
  • 8,vitamin C can improve the acidity of the urine,so that all kinds of bacteria caused by urinary tract infection is not easy to survive;
  • 9,strengthen nutrition,enhance physical fitness is also very important;
  • 10,sometimes even do all the things that should be done,still get infected.If there is symptoms of urinary tract infection,consult a doctor as soon as possible.

On the other hand on how to avoid urine infection during pregnancy  is to pay attention to diet

In the diet can eat more diuretic food,such as grapes,watermelon,celery,pineapple,pear and so on.In addition,green beans,snails,corn can help relieve urinary frequency,urgency,dysuria and other symptoms.In the diet to eat hot and sour spicy food,such as spirits,peppers,raw vinegar,sour fruit and so on.Also to avoid eating citrus,because citrus can lead to the production of alkaline urine,is conducive to the growth of bacteria.During the medication is prohibited chicken,fish,beef,shrimp,seafood pickles.Stones can only be used salt,vinegar,monosodium glutamate,if the patient diet control is not good will extend the treatment time.

The above is how to avoid urine infection during pregnancy.If pregnant women have been urinary tract infection can use  antibiotics under the guidance of a doctor,do not worry too much.