According to the data show that many pregnant women because of the physical reasons that very susceptible to have urinary tract infection , which is a torture for pregnant women, then what is the symptoms of urine infection during pregnancy, what is the cause of urine infection during pregnancy? How to prevent the disease in the daily life, let’s look at it through the following.

Pregnant women suffering from urinary tract infection, especially after suffering from pyelonephritis, the majority of patients appear chills, fever, low back pain and urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria and other urinary tract irritation symptoms, more noteworthy is that some of the disease only show lumbar discomfort, and no other symptoms, often easily overlooked. Once affected by infection, pregnant women will not only  damage the health , or even shock, endanger the lives of patients; and because of high fever and improper use of certain drugs, easy to damage the fetus, causing miscarriage, premature delivery. High fever can also make fetal neural tube development disorders, there is no brain children, congenital deafness and so on.

Symptoms of urine infection during pregnancy

As pregnant women friends who pregnant with the baby, causing the uterus oppressive bladder, which makes pregnant women's urine has been trapped in the bladder, if not timely urination, it is likely to cause urinary tract infection, then what are the symptoms of urine during pregnancy?

What are the symptoms of urinary infection during pregnancy?

  • 1. Lower urinary tract infection, pregnant women may have urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, and sometimes hematuria and other symptoms.
  • 2. Lower urinary tract infection If not active treatment, bacteria can invade the ureter and renal pelvis, resulting in upper urinary tract infection.
  • 3. Upper urinary tract infection produce pyelonephritis, and some even produce acute pyelonephritis.
  • 4. suffering from acute pyelonephritis, pregnant women may have systemic symptoms of poisoning, such as chills, fever, low back pain, treatment of this disease will be a lot of medication, if the pregnancy may be deformed fetal baby, or lead to congenital diseases.
  • 5. Acute pyelonephritis can induce pregnancy poisoning, resulting in fetal baby premature birth, weight loss, and even death.
  • 6. Even if the childbirth is successful, will continue to affect the mother and child, and even lead to the mother's renal function attenuation.

The above is about the symptoms of urine infection during pregnance, I believe we have some understanding, just know that the symptoms are not enough, but also to understand the reasons for pregnant women with urinary tract infection. If you have any other questions, please contact our online doctor.