With the recent years, the number of patients with kidney disease continues to increase, we are familiar with the term of proteinuria, but why does kidney disease cause proteinuria can also be said that what are the causes of proteinuria? We are not clear and understand, today experts of Tongshantan will analyze the secret of it.
Under normal circumstances, Renal reabsorption function very well in health human urine protein content is very low, the unit of measurement in milligrams, with our naked eyes is also unable to view how many measured protein content in urine, we must be measured by the special test paper or special equipment. When the content of protein in urine is above 150 mg / day, we can determine the urinary protein, higher than 3500 mg / day, when it is called macroalbuminuria, the visible urine in a large number of white foam or more precipitation. There are many reasons for the emergence of proteinuria, the main reason for the introduction of pathological proteinuria, the first glomerular protein leakage increased. Kidney reabsorption of protein mainly rely on glomerular, glomerular is a ball-like "capillary network", by the endothelial cells, basement membrane and epithelial cells, collectively referred to as glomerular filtration membrane. When the glomerular filtration membrane damage or regulatory dysfunction, the protein will filter from the membrane "escape" out, causing urinary protein phenomenon. Followed by acute glomerulonephritis caused by proteinuria, acute glomerulonephritis is more common in children, the incidence of boys is higher than girls, usually caused by streptococcal infection, viruses or other parasitic infections are also seen, mainly characterized by acute onset, patients with hematuria, proteinuria, edema and so on. The last is the urinary tract infection caused by proteinuria. Urinary system infection is also an important cause of pathological proteinuria. More common in women. Among them, cystitis is the most common symptoms, mainly for urinary tract irritation, including urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, white blood cell urine, proteinuria, occasionally hematuria, low back pain, fever and so on.
Through the above reasons for the production of proteinuria have been understood, hope you understand the reasons for proteinuria at the same time can help you stay away from proteinuria, do not let yourself suffer from proteinuria.

What are the causes of proteinuria?