can kidney infection cause miscarriage

"Kidney infection", as its name is an inflammation of the kidney. Kidney disease is an autoimmune disease, is an inflammatory reaction in renal immune mediated, different antigen microbial infection of the human body, produce different antibodies, immune complex synthesis of different nodes, the pathological damage by deposition in different parts of the kidney, the formation of different types of nephritis. So, can kidney infection cause miscarriage?

In fact, pregnant women got kidney infection need to treat specific conditions, patients with different severity and with different symptoms, the corresponding treatment and attention has also had some differences, regardless of the type of kidney infection, pregnancy will increase the burden on the kidneys, prompting the original illness, the incidence of other complications increased, even for the development of chronic renal failure. But it should be treated differently.

1, only proteinuria can still be pregnant, the incidence of pregnancy induced hypertension increased slightly, but generally less severe, maternal and fetal prognosis is better.

2, there are many complications of hypertension, high incidence of pregnancy induced hypertension, pregnancy should be early to do artificial abortion; such as the desire to bear, pregnancy after blood pressure is not more than 20/13.2KPa, can be under the doctor's observation continued pregnancy.

3, patients with nitrogen metabolism, indicating renal dysfunction, should terminate pregnancy. Pregnant women who are allowed to continue pregnancy should be examined regularly, taking care of rest and preventing infection. In case of serious complications, consult a doctor promptly and terminate the pregnancy.