kidney infection symptoms in women


Many people think that only the men are suffering from kidney disease, which can be difficult to find outpatient, female nephropathy patients come to treatment, the kidney infection is the most common. So, kidney infection symptoms in women what are the symptoms?

If you do not often drink water and love it, the bacteria inside the bladder cannot wash away can cause cystitis. Mainly cystitis in frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urinary discomfort, abdominal pain and so on, and can occur in patients with hematuria, low back pain, fever and other phenomena, the general temperature more than 38 DEG C, general consider for pyelonephritis.

kidney infection symptoms in women

1.abnormal urine bacterial urine, hematuria and urinary pyuria, etc. are very common.

2. abnormal urination: mainly frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, serious patients also have urinary incontinence or urinary retention.

3. low back pain: mainly manifested in the upper urinary tract infection, renal capsule, pelvis, ureter by certain stimulation or tension suddenly increased, it will lead to symptoms of low back pain

The symptoms and prevention of kidney infection symptoms in women, first of all to pay attention to personal hygiene, washing hands before then is a key step, is also recommended to wear cotton, breathable underwear; attention from front to back after defecate wipe, effectively prevent bacterial invasion; as much as drinking or urination, urination can play the role of bacterial scouring very good; do not excessive clean; keep warm; don't be overly tired, eat fresh rest; Vegetable & Fruit, the most important thing is not to hold back, do not wait until thirsty when not in the water, the amount of increase some movement, but after exercise must add water in time.

In addition, in daily life, the jeans is caused by a cause of female urinary tract infection,kidney infection symptoms in women for female patients, experts said, not casually medication and regular treatment, all these will lead to disease resistance, caused by repeated attacks, affect women's quality of life.

These are small as you details about the new symptoms of female urinary tract kidney infection symptoms in women, must break through the traditional concept of early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment program, you must use antibiotics in the treatment of which, even if symptoms go away in 3--5 days, to avoid the possibility of relapse so, female patients completely from the kidney disease!