Can you have sex with a kidney infection?

Can you have sex with a kidney infection?

Antibiotics interfere to some extent with the absorption of the BC pill and reduce its efficacy from, lets say, 98% to 75%. But it remains quite effective. Once you start your new cycle and are no longer taking antibiotics their efficacy will return to 98% or better. Perhaps that is not the point though.  The trouble with antibiotics is that they destroy the natural bacteria in your vagina and leave you vulnerable to developing vaginitis -- usually thrush. So if you can avoid intercourse until a few days after you have finished your antibiotic, then all the better. 

ou can do whatever you want. As a provider would I recommend it? NO. But yes, if your on birth control, the antibiotics can alter the absorption, not render them useless, but make them less effective. Reguardless, you and your partner are covered in bacteria as part of your natural immunity (its totally normal we all are) and this is more than likely what caused the infection in the first place. So to avoid further infection by a new bacteria and potential pregnancy please use a condom if your gonna do it. I am in no way recommending it, but I also know how it is and we are humans and some times temptation throws rational thought out the window. There are many issues that arise with polynephritis that I could fill this page with them. Basically, everything in your blood is going to stay a little longer because your kidneys are sick, and they cant work as herd as normal. So please dont drink, dont take uneccessary medicines, and be careful until it passes. Yes you have two kidneys, but you really dont wanna lose one for a dumb reason. The fact that the infection made it all the way up to your kidneys tells me you ignored it for a while. And also, your going to have lifelong issues with infections now, so please be proactive in your healthcare. Educate yourself, and you can stay in control.

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