Women often frequent urinary tract infection caused by urinary tract infection, usually caused by bad habits, therefore need to prevent life from the start of urinary tract infection caused by the improper way of life. Do not underestimate the disease, such as diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease and a series of chronic diseases are caused by improper living habits. To address the need for do the following three aspects of urinary tract infection, can make your life more comfortable and healthy.

1. drink more water

A ring of micturition make human body metabolism of essential, we eat food, will be converted to uric acid in the blood uric acid, creatine, creatinine and other toxins, then filtered through the kidneys excreted in the urine. In addition to detoxification, another important role is the urine flushing urinary tract, may prevent urinary tract stones and urinary tract near the urethra infection. Usually the body living bacteria, and some bacteria can enter the bladder, etc. enough will cause infection. But most people are not easy to cause urinary tract infections, because regular urination can avoid the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. The hot weather makes skin pores open, easy to release water. The human urine volume and urine less, then to drink plenty of water to prevent urinary tract infections.

2. less smoking

Threatened the health of urinary system urinary tract infection, and drinking and smoking and other bad habits are closely related. The study found that the exclusion of other possible factors, smoking in women more prone to frequent urination, urgency than non-smoking. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol is easy to stimulate the bladder, the patients with urinary tract infection more easily when micturition, urgency need to eat spicy food. Urinary tract infection, reasonable collocation of good diet, eat more tomatoes, radish, lettuce, cucumber and other cool vegetables.

3. talk about hygiene

Women are more prone to urinary tract infection than men, this is because the female special physiological structure, is easy to infection of urinary tract. So women avoid the need to pay attention to the health of urinary tract infection, first underwear should be washed frequently change frequently, especially in hot and humid season, bacteria easily infested. After the toilet, toilet paper to wipe from front to back to avoid the bacteria into the anus, urethra. The need for timely cleaning and sexual behavior, especially when women married, the survey showed that about 1/4 of the women had a honeymoon cystitis.