The infection caused by Nephralgia, the most common pathogenic bacteria were Staphylococcus aureus, bacteria from other parts of purulent lesions by blood into the kidneys, such as furuncle, pain, wound infection, upper respiratory tract infection, and renal tissue adjacent to infection.

Renal infection can be said to be a serious disease, infectious pathogens into the human body, or the existence of lesions through the blood circulation to the kidney caused by inflammation and edema is mostly due to kidney infection. The bacteria in the bladder into the kidney.

Therefore, when we urinate again, we must breath out all the urine discharge, clean, or more urine prone to pathogenic bacteria, causing infection

In the usual life to drink plenty of water, and should pay attention to their health. And if the time Nephralgia symptoms, should promptly to the hospital for examination.

Kidney infection pain location


Kidney pain is usually located isolated at the lower back. However, the pain felt digress from person to person. Persons who have kidney pain are most often associated with infection, kidney disease, injury or kidney stones. The pain felt by these people is located at the lower or mid back portion and radiates either to the sides, upper portion of the back and other areas of the person’s body.
Kidney infection pain symptoms

Renal pain, sudden onset, and accompanied by chills, fever, poor appetite, bacteremia or toxemia, sick side can appear kidney pain, tenderness, tenderness, sometimes because of low back pain effect of leg discomfort, palpable enlargement of the kidney, waist muscle tension.
Kidney infection pain treatment

Due to the infection of antibiotics can be used enough Nephralgia, generally after diagnosis: such as penicillin, carbenicillin, tobramycin, early treatment can often be diagnosed early, after drainage, can enable the body to alleviate the symptoms, reduce patient Nephralgia consumption, poor drainage, kidney damage was severe with renal abscess nephrectomy. That should be the kidney around the incision and drainage, Nephralgia debridement and drainage.