What does a kidney infection feel like?

What does a kidney infection feel like?

A person can get urinary tract infections in many ways. Poor hygiene caused fecal bacteria enter the urethra, especially women. Sexually transmitted diseases, gynecological disinfection tools on the acute injury of genital, and autoimmune disease can cause urinary tract and kidney infections. Rarely, kidney stones or other obstruction will stimulate the kidney Lining, the risk of infection bacteria increased.what does a kidney infection feel like?

Kidney infection symptoms can vary according to the type of disease progression and bacteria. In urinary problems, results in most cases, such as burning sensation and frequent impulse. Occasionally, blood in the urine. A person can also have a fever, nausea, and vomiting as an infection worse. Some people suffering from severe pain in their abdomen, groin, or lower back. If untreated, kidney infection can cause permanent organ tissue, leading to renal failure scar.

What does a kidney infection feel like?How to determine the cause of the occurrence?Primary care physicians usually through the assessment of the patient's symptoms and laboratory analysis of blood and urine samples in diagnosis of kidney infection. If the doctors don't know the root cause, he or she may refer patients for further diagnosis of nephropathy. Experts can review laboratory results to identify specific bacteria in tissue injury. After X - ray diagnosis, a doctor can determine the best treatment plan.

What does a kidney infection feel like?The kidney infection will only cause mild symptoms usually associated with oral antibiotics. In addition to prescription drugs, doctors can explain the importance of good health habits, recommend regular checks to help prevent urinary tract problems. Antibiotic treatment is usually effective in two weeks to eradicate the infection.

One patient experienced severe symptoms may require hospitalization, intravenous fluid infusion and drug prevention of renal failure. Renal failure if possible, the doctor may decide to emergency surgery. Immediate treatment and follow-up care for several months, most patients can recover without permanent health problems.

Each kidney pelvis which is connected to the ureter, it connects to the bladder, where urine is stored. What time inflammation in the renal pelvis, which is called pyelitis. "Pyelonephritis generally refers to inflammation of the bladder and ureter. It may occur suddenly or gradually.

What does a kidney infection feel like?What are the problems?

There are several factors that can cause this situation. One of them is the existence of kidney stone, renal pelvis can cause irritation. Any can limit or prevent urine flow in ureteral obstruction, therefore urinary retention in the pelvis and result in irritation and inflammation. The treatment of urinary tract infections, such as gonorrhea disease is mainly caused by bacteria, to the renal pelvis and kidney, cause pyelonephritis and pyelonephritis, respectively. For the medical term pyelonephritis is a kidney infection.

Patients often appear slight fever, lumbago, frequent micturition. When a patient's urine is tested in the laboratory, urine usually cloudy. White blood cells may be present, and, rarely, red blood cells also exist. In severe cases, some patients may develop extreme pain in the abdomen, they may appear black because of the existence of many red blood cells in urine. Urine of patients may also become acidic protein may exist.

When pyelitis in pyelonephritis, patients may suffer from back pain, chills, fever, vomiting, urination, pain, nausea. In rare cases, pyelonehphritis can spread in the blood and sepsis, conditions of bacteria in the blood. Sepsis often life-threatening, and treatment must be.

Is usually diagnosed by physical examination, check the history of patients, and laboratory tests. The treatment usually depends on the cause. If kidney stones, which are usually associated with drug treatment surgery. Sometimes, when the infection is the main reason, antibiotics are usually given to stop the infection. These patients are often advised to drink plenty of water, get enough have a rest.

Pyelitis can be infected by urinary tract timely treatment, prevent. Good personal hygiene habits and a healthy lifestyle can help prevent the happening of the disease. Drink plenty of water every day, kidney stones and other kidney diseases can be avoided.

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