signs of kidney infection when pregnant

According to the data show that many pregnant women friends because of hearing the reason is easy to suffer from the disease of upper urinary tract infection, this is a painful ordeal for pregnant women, pregnant women, so What are signs and symptoms of a kidney infection while pregnant, what is the reason for the prevalence of pregnant women, in our daily life. The majority of pregnant women friends and how to prevent this kind of disease, the following is to know about it.

Pregnant women suffering from urinary tract infections, particularly patients with pyelonephritis, most patients have chills, fever, pain and frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other urinary tract symptoms, it is worth noting that some disease only showed backache discomfort, and no other symptoms, often overlooked, suffering from road infection, not only will damage to the health of pregnant women, even shock, endanger the lives of patients; and because of high fever and inappropriate use of certain drugs, easy to damage the fetus, abortion, premature birth. High fever can also cause fetal neural tube development disorder, appear anencephaly, congenital deafness.

Because pregnant women friends with the baby, causing uterine compression of the bladder, which makes the urine of pregnant women have been trapped in the bladder, if not timely micturition, it is easy to cause urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection, so what are the symptoms?

What are signs and symptoms of a kidney infection while pregnant?

1. unusual urination or a strong urge to urinate

2. pain, discomfort, or burning sensation when urinating

3. pain, pressure, or tenderness in the bladder (midline, above or near the pubis)

4. fever, chills, nausea or vomiting

5. the symptoms of urinary tract infections in pregnant women can also occur on the side or middle to upper back pain

The above is the symptoms of urinary tract infections in pregnant women, I believe we already have some understanding of it, just know the symptoms is not enough, but also understand the cause of urinary tract infections in pregnant women, so as to the treatment of pregnant women with urinary tract infection up from the roots.