How to get rid of a kidney infection while pregnant

Under the guidance of doctors, pregnant women with poor kidney function to get rid of a kidney infection while pregnant after successful pregnancy, not only need strict compliance with the doctor's instructions, the necessary and safe drug treatment, but also inseparable from good life conditioning:

1. sleep and rest plenty

2., comprehensive nutrition, adequate vitamin supplement, in order to enhance physical fitness, reduce the chance of infection

3., keep warm, prevent upper respiratory tract infection, pay attention to the cleanness of the genitals, avoid sexual life, reduce the chance of urinary tract infection, pay attention to the skin, clean teeth, prevent skin infection and tooth decay

"If pregnant women with chronic nephritis edema, high blood pressure, prevent heart failure caused by retention of sodium and water. At the same time, these women also added protein and essential amino acids, to correct hypoproteinemia. If the blood pressure control is not good, also need under the guidance of a doctor to choose antihypertensive drugs had no obvious effect on renal blood flow. On the contrary, gentamicin, streptomycin, kanamycin, sulfa drugs, such as aspirin may cause damage to the kidney of the drug, avoid to use." he said.

In addition, due to the long suffering from a disease of chronic nephritis patients, the disease often repeated, and after pregnancy and fears of disease affecting the health of the fetus, pregnant mother is prone to irritability, pessimism and other negative emotions, the baby's health and its disadvantage. The husband should help pregnant wife treat disease, optimistic good mood, conducive to the control of chronic nephritis, safe during pregnancy.

Pregnant mother how to do, can prevent pregnancy nephrosis?

In addition to pre pregnancy, suffering from kidney disease, some pregnant mothers may also be associated with kidney disease after pregnancy

Zhang Zhu said, on the one hand, some women in pregnancy may have occult nephritis, but usually without any symptoms until a pregnancy, kidney burden, occult nephritis come out; on the other hand, some women may not have any damage or kidney disease in pregnancy, but later in late pregnancy, pregnancy hypertension may occur syndrome and other complications of pregnancy, can cause kidney damage, proteinuria and other symptoms.

"At this time, must first find out the cause of primary disease of pregnancy complicated with nephropathy, is PIH, autoimmune diseases or other diseases, and symptomatic treatment. Experts say, only control the primary disease, in order to further reduce renal damage.

Here, offers some advice on how to get rid of a kidney infection while pregnant?

First, the overall nutrition, balanced. Due to fetal growth and development needs, pregnant women intake of protein than normal people, but not too much, the specific amount of consultation with the doctor

Second, weight measurement, to see whether the swelling increased. Generally ideal weight is: (height -100) x 0.9, weight in pregnancy, to weight gain of 9~11 kg than this ideal

Third, to control the salt component. Pregnancy salt absorbed too much, is suffering from kidney disease and cause of toxemia of pregnancy, the recommended daily salt control in 3~5 grams. However, salinity control is very difficult, especially to contain chemical seasoning and salt in processed foods. Try not to eat ham, instant noodles, fast food cakes of salt, eat much food, reducing the effect of salt yellow green vegetables, seaweed food.

Fourth, regular monitoring of renal function, once a month in early pregnancy, once a week before labor.

Fifth, drink plenty of water to prevent urinary tract infections.