What are the symptoms of kidney problems?How is the kidneys damaged?What is the kidney not good?Amy Women Network Health Channel,for friends to solve all health questions.This topic describes the symptoms of the kidney is not good what the kidney is not good how to do,the kidney is not good what the question,for everyone popular kidney symptoms of what is the relevant knowledge.

What are the symptoms of kidney problems?

1,urine changes

Normal daily urination 1000-2000 ml,an average of 1500 ml,whether it is more or less urine output,may be the performance of kidney disease.Especially the normal nocturnal nocturnal urine,if you find up to several times at night,and drink water before going to bed is not much,but also to guard against kidney disease.

2,urine traits change

Normal urine is transparent light yellow,if less water or early morning urination,the color is slightly deeper.If the urine redness,or urine foam,pay attention to the Department of renal medicine examination.


Kidney is the body's body of water metabolism,kidney is not good,the water will accumulate.Some people in the morning to find eyelid edema,or feet,legs,edema,should consider the kidney problem,the kidney is not good harm health.

4,nausea,vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms

Kidney disease development to the end,will affect the gastrointestinal function,leading to nausea,vomiting,loss of appetite and other symptoms,so with these performances,in addition to see the Department of Gastroenterology,but also pay attention to exclude kidney disease.

5,skin itching

Endogenous nephropathy,due to the body of urea can not be discharged through the urine,will be excreted through the skin,thereby stimulating the skin;In addition,the accumulation of toxins in the body will lead to peripheral neuropathy,can cause skin itching.


Kidney function is not good,a lot of waste is difficult to excrete from the urine,there will be lack of energy,fatigue,fatigue and so weak feeling.Kidney disease,protein and other nutrients leak from the kidneys,excreted through the urine,there will be no lack of performance.Some patients will think it is too tired,or other reasons,while ignoring the kidney problem.

7,low back pain

The location of the kidney on both sides of the spine of the waist,so when the kidney is sick,will feel low back pain.

Kidney problems symptoms in particular,can be expressed in all aspects of the body,the more common is fatigue,poor appetite,urine changes,etc.,can be based on their own symptoms of control.If you want to know more,please contact our online doctor.