Urinary tract infection is one of the most common genitourinary infections, often characterized by frequent urination, urgency and dysuria and other symptoms, the pain was burning during urination ailments, even worse, urethral spasm. Urinary tract infection refers to the urinary tract inflammation caused by pathogens in the urinary tract of the organism, which can cause growth, reproduction and invasion of urinary tract mucosa or tissues. The harm to women can not be ignored. According to the infection of urinary tract infection can be pided into different parts, pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis; according to whether the urinary tract on the functional or organic abnormalities, and urinary tract infection complication and complexity; according to the different nature of inflammation, it can be pided into acute and chronic urinary tract infection. So what diet for patient with urinary tract infection notice?

  • 1, avoid volatiles: volatiles (such as meat, chicken, mushroom PigHead meat, fish, crab, bamboo, peach etc.) have worse effect on inflammation, and diet.
  • 2, avoid the flatulence thing: including milk, sucrose, Soybean Milk, often appear abdominal pain sense of urinary tract infection, abdominal distention and often make more difficult urination.
  • 3, avoid contributing to damp and hot products: including alcohol, sweets and fatty foods, this disease is too damp disease, all contributing to product can aggravate the condition of damp heat.
  • 4, avoid spicy stimulation: these foods can make the urinary tract irritation symptoms increased, dysuria, and some even cause urethral redness and swelling, but also can make inflammatory parts congestion, swelling and pain.
  • 5, avoid acidic foods: acidic foods include pork, eggs, beef, chicken, duck, carp, oysters, shrimp, as well as flour, rice, peanuts, barley, beer and so on. The antibacterial activity of urine pH on the growth of bacteria, the drug has a close relationship, eat acidic foods, is the urine alkaline environment, enhancement of ability of antibiotics; because sugars may also enhance the acidity in the body, so the high sugar content of food is limited to.

Patients with urinary tract infection should control diet, also should choose the regular hospital early regular thorough treatment for infection treatment is not complete or lack of treatment will lead to chronic urethritis, not only serious harm to women, but also increased the difficulty of treatment. If you have any further questions about the diet of people with urinary tract infections, please consult our online doctor or leave a message for us. We will provide you with detailed information