Kidney organs are relatively important organs of the body, the main function is to promote the body's drainage and urination, and help the body discharge toxins. Some people will suffer from kidney damage because of carelessness. Then, let us introduce the symptoms of kidney damage.

Injured kidney symptoms one: shock: kidney damage, more shock symptoms, most people will appear this symptom, more severe kidney damage, there are varying degrees of shock. The degree of shock is related to the speed of bleeding, the time of medical treatment, the severity of the combined injury and the compensatory ability of the body.

Injured kidney symptoms two: hematuria: hematuria is the most common symptom of most renal injuries, including macroscopic or microscopic hematuria. In general, consistent with the severity of hematuria and injury, but sometimes less is not equal to the hematuria renal injury is light, because some serious laceration of kidney, the blood does not flow from the ureter and renal pelvis, ureter and blood clots can also cause hematuria suddenly stopped, hematuria is very dangerous, when they are in a timely manner treatment.

Injured kidney symptoms three: low back pain: pain can be limited to the waist, the upper abdomen, can also be scattered to the whole abdomen, or radiation to the shoulder, hip and lumbosacral region. Mass: when the kidney breaks, due to extravasation of blood and urine, irregular diffuse masses may appear at the waist.

People who suffer from kidney damage should not eat excitant food in their lives. They should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, pay attention to bed rest, and pay attention to maintain a certain amount of physical exercise, and drink plenty of water. If you have any questions about the symptoms of kidney damage, please consult our online specialist and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.