1, diabetic kidney pain, what's the matter?

Diabetic kidney pain is because the patient got diabetes illness. The renal damage in patients with diabetes mellitus often include: diabetic glomerular sclerosis, renal atherosclerosis, renal arteriolar sclerosis, pyelonephritis, necrotizing papillitis, contrast nephropathy, bladder contraction, urinary infection. Among the diabetic glomerulosclerosis (diabetic nephropathy that is called) is clinical renal complications and abnormal glucose metabolism related to diabetes specific. I

2, what are the causes of kidney pain?

A variety of reasons can lead to kidney pain, such as infection, cyst, stones, tire and so on. In the discovery after Nephralgia should look for the cause, to prevent attention and lead to the original exacerbations.

Other reasons such as cyst, stones can also cause kidney pain, usually ureteral calculi can be excruciating pain; renal cyst and various types of glomerulonephritis due to renal interstitial damage will cause Nephralgia; after a long time of sitting or walking for a long time the road will also feel the kidney ache, bloated like pain.

3, low back pain is a diagnostic basis for diabetic nephropathy?

People often ask, not pain is the basis for the diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy people understand the terrible, a back pain is intense anxiety, fear is "kidney attack". In fact, nephropathy rarely manifest as lumbago, nephropathy is the main protein often appear in the urine, the other symptoms may not be ignored, after the gradual emergence of a low protein, edema, hypertension, renal function decline even uremia. Sometimes diabetic nephropathy has low back pain, but the pain position is relatively high, the angle around the spine and back rib.