can kidney disease cause itching

Cause itchy skin very much, simple can be attributed to skin irritation, dryness, infection, or itching caused by internal diseases in four categories. The most common reason is because the skin inflammation, also known as eczema, caused by itching. If children atopic dermatitis, often causing extreme skin itching. Even cause sleep, eating is not good for children with allergies; fat Yi dermatitis is often caused by the older patient's scalp, facial itching; rich housewife's hand, nummular eczema, lichen planus, drug allergies, urticaria and so on, are due to inflammation of the skin caused by itching. Dry skin is caused by one of the main cause of itching. With age, sebaceous glands will slowly degenerate, often make the elderly skin moisturizing ability than before, mild dry skin desquamation, and even chapped bleeding, especially in the lower extremity. The most severe dry itself Can cause itching discomfort, because the winter climate, the more common caused by dry winter itch. This caused by dry itching, should avoid using hot water bath, and discretion to use moisturizing lotion, can improve symptoms caused by fungal infection. Athlete's foot skin, crotch itch, the skin is common in summer. Scabies infection it is common to the military, boarding schools and other densely populated, often cause extreme itching at night, itching to catch patients blood. And most people do not worry, there are some systemic diseases, is the first to show the skin itching. Such as diabetes, kidney dysfunction, bile stagnation left, hyperthyroidism or insufficient, or some hematological diseases, malignant tumor, can cause unexplained skin itching.

Kidney disease, renal failure, uremia can appear skin itching, but also accompanied by nausea, vomiting, body dropsy symptoms of kidney disease. The general body rarely appear itching. From the above description, unlike the renal lesion caused by itching, sometimes the weather is hot, the skin friction with clothes, skin for normal reaction in the above situation. If such a long time, can go to the Department of Dermatology for treatment, eliminate the allergy.