Bring the kidney, people know that it is the body's waste filter and cleaning station ", but few know that it is still one of the biggest characteristic is compensatory strong kidney parenchyma damage only 50% can still maintain the body's metabolism, which seems to be an advantage, is actually a lack of points, that is to say, the kidney is a know silently at work, hurt not easily speak" advocate ", it sends a signal to the human body, is already very late. According to this characteristic, we should pay more attention to it.

Insidious onset of chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is more insidious than other major diseases that endanger human health, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Many people suffer from kidney disease without knowing it until they are examined

There are some people having been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, but not enough attention, less aggressive treatment, after a few years to become "advanced kidney disease, uremia, missed the best treatment time, only through frequent dialysis or renal transplantation in order to maintain the life and physiological causes of heavy mental and economic burden to themselves and to their families.

Kidney disease can be detected early

First of all to the regular physical examination. Urine routine, blood routine, blood biochemical and renal ultrasound, these basic checks can check out whether suffering from kidney disease. Especially the urinary albumin, glomerular filtration rate examination can be identified earlier kidney disease.

Secondly, to pay attention to the following signal without chronic kidney disease appear in life: (1) fatigue, fatigue, soreness, pain; (2) in urine bubble increased and is not easy to fade; (3) hematuria; (4) nocturia; (5) repeated eyelid or edema of lower limbs (6; blood pressure); (7) unexplained anemia (pale swelling), skin itching, leg cramps, bleeding gums; (8) unexplained loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and so on; (9) urine volume decreased.

"Cold" can cause acute nephritis

In the etiology of acute nephritis, the upper respiratory tract infection accounts for 60% - 70%, most of which are caused by streptococcal infection. Most of them are in adolescents and children. Therefore, it is necessary to guard against the occurrence of acute nephritis when a cold is caught

Many systemic diseases involve the kidneys

Many systemic diseases can affect the kidney, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, connective tissue disease, drugs, genetic diseases, such as infection, often due to cover up the primary disease to renal lesions were found in early is not easy to be detected. In addition, in recent years, people pay more and more attention to the aging itself can cause kidney damage, in addition to besides obesity, smoking can seriously affect the health of the kidney. In traditional Chinese medicine "kidney is the life of the" love life begins from the care of the kidney.