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How to lower protein in urine?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-10-18


Urine protein refers to the protein in urine, containing a small amount of small molecule protein in normal urine, normal urine routine examination test has not come out, when the increase in urine protein, urine routine examination can detect the urine protein, urine protein in patients with kidney disease that must not strange, how can we lower protein in urine?

The majority of patients with kidney disease were checked out most of the protein overtime patients may be advised to western medicine treatment reduced hormone therapy, of course in a certain period of time will achieve proteinuria but stop drug, proteinuria will repeatedly rise, bring great distress to the patient. The following tongshantang experts to help you find ways of reducing urinary protein, no recurrence. First of all, the traditional Chinese medicine suffering, but must be accurate grasp of the furnace. Finally, patients with kidney disease, the kidneys have been damaged, if taken in oral Chinese medicine, will increase the burden on the kidneys, more detrimental to the treatment of kidney disease.

So now after the medical reform, the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combination is the best treatment method, but experts advise to reduce proteinuria than eating one or two side drugs can be prevented, but also we need to treatment at the same time to keep low protein diet, but it is not a partial eclipse, as far as possible in equilibrium. After treatment should try to keep the scientific diet, diet hanging light digestible food, avoid eating seafood and mutton spicy spicy food and wine, should eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, to ensure adequate drinking water, low sugar and low-fat. Also remember all the patients with nephropathy must disable Streptomyces, prohibit the use of drugs such as aristolochic acid - Aoki in traditional Chinese medicine. Finally, the patient must pay attention to colds, fevers, infectious diseases, suffering from such diseases, must promptly consult the doctor in the hospital, timely treatment, to avoid concurrent, and the aggravation of the disease.

Through the introduction of reducing proteinuria, we hope that you will understand in your mind, reduce proteinuria, keep away from kidney disease.

 How to lower protein in urine?

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