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where does kidney located?

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As everyone knows, the kidney is one of the important organs of the body, its basic function is to generate urine, remove metabolites and some human metabolic wastes, toxins, and reabsorption, and other useful substances retain moisture, such as the human body shall glucose, protein, sodium ion, potassium ion, regulate the balance of electrolyte and acid-base maintenance balance of body. In addition the kidney also has endocrine function, generation of renin, erythropoietin, active vitamin D3, prostaglandin, kinin and target organ but also for the body regardless of endocrine hormone and renal hormone degradation places. These functions of the kidney ensure that the inner ring of the body is stable and eventually make our metabolism run normally. Where is this normal human organ located in our body?

The kidney is located on both sides of the spine, close to the abdominal wall, and occupies the rear of the peritoneum. The upper left kidney is flat, the lower edge of the eleventh thoracic vertebra, the lower end is flat, the lower edge of the 2 lumbar vertebra. The right kidney is lower than the left kidney, half of the vertebral body. The left twelfth ribs cross the middle of the left kidney, and the twelfth right side of the left side slopes over the upper part of the right kidney. Specifically, the renal location can also be said that the right renal door is on the second lumbar transverse process, the left side is opposite the first lumbar transverse process, and the right kidney is slightly lower than the left kidney due to 1-2 cm. Normal kidneys move up and down within a range of 1-2 centimeters. The kidney is in the physical examination, except under the diaphragm, the lower pole of the right kidney can be palpable in the outer edge of the rib, the left kidney is not easy to touch. Clinically, it is said that the site between the lateral edge of the erector ridge muscle and the twelfth rib is called the renal area (ribs, waist points). When the kidney is diseased, it presses or strikes the area, which often has tenderness or shock.

The above is the specific location of the kidney, believe you after the above explanation has understanding, and understand its importance, and we must pay attention to keep kidney health.

(1)where does kidney located?

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