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hypoproteinemia signs and symptoms

Written by admin | Published on 2017-10-24


What is hypoproteinemia? I believe we are not familiar with this are not other kidney disease, experts explained that hypoproteinemia is our own plasma total protein, mainly refers to the reduction of plasma albumin. So what is the crowd susceptible to hypoproteinemia? Experts suggest that hypoproteinemia is not an independent disease, is a variety of causes of negative nitrogen negative results, patients with hypoproteinemia are generally malnourished or abnormal liver function in patients, there are some may be Lack of protein intake or malabsorption caused by loss of appetite and anorexia lead to severe heart and lung liver and kidney disease, gastrointestinal congestion, brain disease; gastrointestinal obstruction, feeding difficulties such as esophageal cancer, gastric cancer; chronic pancreatitis, biliary tract disease, stomach Intestinal anastomosis caused by malabsorption syndrome and so on eventually lead to low proteinemia invasion of the human body. Then when we suffer from hypoproteinemia will have any obvious signal or symptoms help us not hypoproteinemia invade our body?

Hypoproteinemia symptoms

Hypoproteinemia symptoms are as follows: patients with hypoproteinemia in general for the facial and foot edema, even those affected the body. White skin children have specific lesions, began to erythema, the pressure can subside, followed by a small dark purple spots, border clear, higher than the surrounding skin, the pressure does not fade, the surface shiny, touch a waxy sense, Then turned into dry, brown or black spots, there are cracks. Occur in the compression site, such as the trochanter, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and trunk pressure, can also occur in the wet areas, such as the diaper area, after the irregular cloth in the body, was stripping dermatitis-like performance. Light cases only in the tibial, lateral thigh, back, etc. appear along the skin tangential arrangement of the cracks (called "mosaic" skin) and scaling. Severe cases have a large area of ??erosion and epidermal loss, the remaining left pigmentation, especially in the forehead, buttocks, sacrococcygeal and dorsal foot, etc.. Due to skin thinning, swelling and hypopigmentation and pale, to black skin race patients, often starting in the mouth weeks, can also be located in the calf, but also because of friction, trauma and ulcers and secondary hair removal spots. Occasionally in the foot, buttocks and pressure-independent parts of the formation of bullae, or shallow or deep ulcers, necrosis. In the back, lower abdomen and lower limbs occasionally petechiae. Late cases around the auricle, knee, elbow, axillary, toes, foreskin and lips appear linear chapped.

So when you appear above Hypoproteinemia symptoms, you should pay attention to the invasion of hypoproteinemia, timely to the hospital for treatment.

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