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How should pyelonephritis pay attention to dietary care?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-26


Diet for each of us is very important, from the mouth of the disease, so the diet must pay attention to, regarding pyelonephritis's diet health care, today asks the expert give a briefly introduce for us!

Pyelonephritis diet attention:

Limit the incidence of protein acute glomerulonephritis 3 to 6 days. Glomerular filtration rate decreased, will produce a transient azotemia. Therefore, should limit the protein diet. In the restricted range should be selected high-quality protein food, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish and so on. When the condition improved, increased urine output, daily urine output> 1000 ml, you can begin to gradually increase the intake of protein . But should not exceed 0.8 g / kg body weight a day.

Low salt and low sodium diet:patients with edema and hypertension should be used in low-salt, salt-free diet. Low salt diet generally daily use of less than 3 grams of salt or soy sauce 10-15 ml. Where the salt and more food should avoid eating, such as pickles, pickles, eggs, eggs, bacon, marinade, noodles and so on. Salt-free diet is cooking without salt or soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, sesame sauce, tomato sauce to season.

Limit the high potassium foods when oliguria, anuria or elevated serum potassium should be limited to potassium-rich vegetables and fruits, such as bean sprouts, leeks, garlic, celery, cauliflower, toon, spinach, bamboo shoots, lily, dried red dates , Fresh mushrooms, seaweed, mustard, Sichuan winter vegetables, mushrooms, apricot, lotus root, sorghum, corn, lentils, tomatoes, loofah, bitter gourd and so on. Limit the amount of liquid to enter according to the amount of urine per patient to control the amount of liquid. The general method of supplementation is to supplement the volume of urine that is the same as the previous day, and then take in more than 500~1000 ml of liquid.If less urine or accompanied by edema, the daily intake of liquid should not exceed 1000 ml.

The amount of heat and fat to provide acute glomerulonephritis patients should rest in bed. Heat should not be too high, the amount of fat in the diet should not be more, and should be rich in unsaturated fatty acids rich in oil-based, that is, mainly vegetable oil.

Supply of adequate vitamins due to restrictions on potassium more food, intake of vegetables and fruits will be reduced, the intake of vitamins will be significantly reduced, likely to cause vitamin deficiency. Should add a variety of vitamin preparations, especially vitamin c, daily should not be less than 300 mg.

How should pyelonephritis pay attention to dietary care?

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