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diabetes kidney problems symptoms

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-22


What are the diabetes kidney problems symptoms? No edema, a small number of patients in the plasma protein decreased, mild edema can occur. The following Xiaobian detailed introduce the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy signs.

1. protein in early diabetic nephropathy without clinical proteinuria, only detect microalbuminuria by radioimmunoassay. The only early clinical diabetic nephropathy showed proteinuria and albuminuria develops gradually from intermittence for durative.

2. early diabetic nephropathy edema generally no edema, few patients in plasma protein decreased, may have mild edema. If proteinuria, edema, low plasma protein, for progression to advanced performance.

3. hypertension in type 1 diabetes patients without nephropathy in prevalence of hypertension than normal people do not increase in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension are more, but if the proportion of hypertension proteinuria increased in nephrotic syndrome patients with hypertension, the high blood pressure are mostly moderate, minority is severe.

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