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kidney problems and hair loss

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-14


Kidney essence, its in the hair. The hair although the nourishment from the blood, the real root vitality in the kidney. The kidney is the innate, is the essence of the Tibetan dirty, not only the birth of the reservoir, reservoir water is the viscera Qi Gu metaplasia, which acquired essence, nourish viscera and body all organization. Is the basic material of life and growth.

In vivo and in its external manifestation, from the hair show. The physiological role of further analyzing the relationship between the kidney and hair is mainly manifested in the kidney essence on hair, kidney essence, nourishing blood, that blood generation, from the essence of the innate, of blood in nutritional hair. The vitality is rooted in the kidney, but by kidney essence of life. Vitality for transport of momentum of human life, can stimulate and promote hair growth.

The physiological role of kidney on hair mainly has three forms.

First, the kidney and blood, hair nutrition.

Second, the kidney vitality, stimulate hair growth.

Third, kidney essence by Du and by the gas charge and raise the hair.

Du from the ridge where the separation is kidney. The hair nutrition from blood, and its vitality is rooted in human kidney. The kidney essence is enough, the hair is normal development, the performance of thick, bright, soft and smooth; otherwise scarce, wither, not Ze. So Chinese salon for the first law is the kidney.

Liver blood, so the normal operation, and the blood storage, regulation, and closely related to the liver. Only normal liver function, body organs and hair to get blood nourishment. In addition, the function of the liver, the liver qi, qi stagnation, can cause blood runs sluggish, hair nutrient supply disruption.

Effect of hair nourishing blood. Blood nourishing body tissues and organs, but also on the skin, hair nourishing effect. The blood running, necessary in the gas drive below, on the note in the lung, in meridian, evenly distributed in the body. The hair is more than blood, blood strong, is the hair is exuberant, blood deficiency, withered hair, sparse or fall off.

Because the blood and hair are closely related, so when the causes of blood disease, such as blood stasis, blood heat and blood dryness, will cause hair lesions, such as hair loss, white hair.

In traditional medicine, "kidney essence, which in the hair, kidney failure, hair loss, hair early white", "hair is more than blood"; "liver storing blood", Jingxie homologous into each other, so the hair growth is associated with liver and kidney and Qi and blood is directly related to hair loss patients is two, liver and kidney deficiency, deficiency of Qi and blood. The deficiency of liver and kidney, is the essence of blood, blood and hair, hair growth source, hair root emptiness and loss; due to deficiency of Qi and blood, Rong Yang body, can appear aging phenomenon, reflected in the externally visible hair loss; sudden mental stimulation or long-term mental stress will liver and kidney caused by blood deficiency caused by alopecia, alopecia, alopecia areata.


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