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strep throat and kidney problems

Written by admin | Published on 2017-06-22


Many people think that people exhale the smell of oral diseases caused by or in the morning and forget to brush your teeth. However, modern medicine has proved that many systemic diseases, such as liver, lung, kidney, stomach disease can also cause bad breath, if you often have to find the cause.

1, putrid odor of respiratory diseases. Sinusitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis and other respiratory diseases will secrete large amounts of protein containing mucus, forming part of the nose, nasal flow from the rest of the entrance. The mucus adhered to the throat or mouth pharynx posterior tongue, when the protein solution, will result in corruption flavor.

2, sour smell. Stomach pyloric stenosis or obstruction, food retention time in stomach is too long, will produce the sour smell of corruption, comes out through the mouth. Reflux esophagitis and other stomach can also lead to pathologic halitosis, adhesion in the oral cavity, vomit throat does not stop the release of acid gas. Usually in the stomach after active treatment, bad breath can be significantly improved.

3, rotten apple flavor pyruvate poisoning. When one diabetes blood glucose without control, exceed the standard, body fat decomposition, will produce ketone, which ketoglutaric acid emits a sour taste of rotten apples. When breath the smell, concentration of ketone bodies in patients has been very high, close to or reach diabetic ketoacidosis, need timely medical treatment, otherwise there will be danger.

4, urine uremia. Urine mostly issued with chronic nephritis or nephropathy patients. Progression to chronic renal failure stage (commonly known as uremia), because there is no urine, some toxic substances can not be excreted and retention in the blood, can make the patient expired gases emit urine smell, this signal condition tends to be critical.

In addition, the morning mouth, with gallbladder, mostly because of pressure, mental tension, liver thinning met capacity is relatively poor, resulting in deposition; in old sour taste may be liver deficiency or liver and stomach is not sticky; and fresh taste often together, mouth sticky, morning old I want to drink some water gargle, or over a period of time that the more sticky mouth, fat, not love, love people who eat meat, is wet; halitosis is more heat accumulation, chronic periodontitis or gastrointestinal constipation, eat more indigestion, people prone to bad breath, cholangiolitis, liver metabolism the poor people smell a stench; if the mouth to call out is a rotten egg smell, you have to see the kidney have no problem.

How do the halitosis? 7 ways to make fresh breath

1, eat mints

After the Mint has a pungent odour for eating food in the mouth with the residual odor removal effect very well. But be careful to eat mints to remove bad breath is only temporary, can not fundamentally remove bad breath, generally only last about half an hour.

2, mint water gargle

Peppermint has a special aroma, can not only help detoxification but also fresh breath, eliminating halitosis. Rinse Mint only needs to be made slobber after mint leaves washed mashed in water rinse directly.

3, eat more fruits and vegetables.

If it is because of a problem with the body's digestive system, stomach indigestion caused by bad breath, the best way is to eat more fiber rich fruits and vegetables, promote good digestion, can fundamentally help remove bad breath.

4, correct gargle

That is one reason many people have bad breath food residue in the mouth constantly fermentation corruption. Therefore, the correct way is to keep the mouth clean gargle, an important aspect of halitosis.

5, rose water gargle

Rose water itself has excellent bactericidal effect, but also has a unique aroma, with rose water gargle can help oral sterilization, fresh breath, remove bad breath. Make your own rose after rinse slobber with rose petals soaked in distilled water with 1 tsp vodka. Mixed filtering

6, crude salt water gargle

After adding salt water will mix evenly according to the normal method of brushing mouthwash can help clear fire detoxification. A coarse salt water gargle can help soften the dirt in the oral cavity deposition, help remove bad breath, on the other hand, coarse salt water gargle can help improve gingival bleeding symptoms, help the treatment of toothache.

7, chewing tea

A handful of tea in the mouth and chew to help remove bad breath. This is because tea has anti bacteria effect, can eliminate the residual formation of bad bacteria in the mouth. If it is a single chewing tea is easy to tea residue in the mouth, can consider tea and sugar gum chewing together, faster remove bad breath.


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