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Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-18


kidney itching

The kidney is an important organ of the human body, in addition to the problem of kidney then people body will have a big problem, so the kidney care is very important, but people often neglect to protect the kidneys.

In fact, some physical symptoms are likely to be a danger signal of kidney disease, such as body itching may be sustained, kidney problems, specific please see below.

The danger signal of kidney disease

1, if you do not drink the water, but at night it many times, this is likely to be kidney appeared some problems, so we have to be vigilant, timely inspection is very important.

2, normal urine is light yellow and transparent, but if red urine and foam are to check in time.

3, if the morning eye skin edema, then there may be a relationship with kidney disease, because the kidney is the organ of the body of water metabolism, kidney problems, then the water cannot be ruled out in a timely manner, it may lead to edema.

4, if nausea and vomiting may have relationship with kidney disease, because kidney problems may also gastrointestinal function.

5 patients with renal disease may cause skin itching, skin itching if often appear, then it is likely that the kidney appeared some problems, because the body can not be excreted via the urine urea, going through the skin, thereby stimulating the skin, the body of toxins increase will also stimulate the neuropathy, cause skin itching.

To introduce the above five kidney danger signals, we must not let down, because any discomfort may be a precursor to the symptoms of disease, so we have to check and timely treatment, to avoid delay the timing of treatment.


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