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protein shakes and kidney problems

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-18


High protein diet has become a lot of people to lose weight diet intentions, but this seemingly healthy diet has a serious side effect. Experts say that eating too much protein will increase the burden on the kidneys, in the course of time, the kidneys are damaged, causing all kinds of kidney disease.

DUKAN diet, diet or primitive Eakins diet that ingestion of excessive amounts of protein carbohydrate diet, has been popular for several years. 10 douking diet due to the celebrity experience and popularity soared, but the high protein diet has been controversial, health experts warned that this kind of diet may lead to human body excessive intake of protein and kidney damage to health.

According to the < > Prevention magazine, along with the growth of age, the wear of kidney is normal. But researchers in 1 middle aged group survey, found that 1/4 of people have mild signs of decline in renal function. The reason is that these people to adopt a high protein diet, resulting in excessive intake of protein kidney problems.

protein shakes damage kidneys

Scientists are now warned that a high protein diet who did not expect to lead to the culprit kidney problems. Researchers at Harvard Medical School, medical doctor Eric Knight said the middle-aged to those people, or those who have diabetes, hypertension, high protein diet if you want to experiment, first blood creatinine level, see the renal function of their own.

Guangdong Medical University Hospital nephrology physician Wu on Apple Daily Max < >, if drink high protein diet can also cause harm to the kidneys, because the body protein into amino acids, the process will produce carbon containing waste, the waste must be excreted through the kidneys, if they drink a high protein diet, will make the carbon waste, increase the burden of kidney and renal tubules of glomeruli, causing damage, long-term drinking will make the impaired kidney function, to dialysis is serious, not the drink high protein diet.

Study on the University of Granada in Spain also showed that a high protein diet to increase the risk of kidney disease, the study has been published in the Medical Journal > < Spanish nutrition. The researchers of this study Aparicio also points out the main problems of the other 1 high protein diet: this diet pattern will encourage people to eat meat and eggs is preferred. Instead of healthy Vegetable & Fruit which will further increase the burden on the kidneys, and will also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer and other chronic diseases.

< > Prevention magazine said, if you are a minor renal dysfunction, studies show that every 3 ounces of animal protein, namely 1 Poker size, is a safe limit. And a high protein diet can be up to 8 ounces per day.

Due to the usual diet might eat meat, beans, milk and other protein rich foods, therefore, usually does not lack of protein intake, is not required to supplement, to reduce the damage to the kidney.

People who want to adopt a high protein diet 1 must have a physician of the guidance, but also to eat more fresh Vegetable & Fruit to supplement potassium and magnesium can reduce the probability of the formation of kidney stones.


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