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food good for kidney problems

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The kidney is not good people in life, we must pay attention to diet, usually can eat some rich in vitamin C of fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, kiwi, rape, spinach, tomatoes, oranges and so on. If there is edema or oliguria, poor diet, diet should choose some light easy to digest the salt free diet, but also eat some soy, black fungus, black beans, sesame and so on, the kidney is not good with good results, is able to slowly restore kidney function, make the body more healthy. The kidney is not good people usually can drink plenty of water, eat some fruit, for spicy what to avoid and prevent deterioration.

The kidney good food:

Animal kidney: edible animal kidney with a kidney Yijing, is the traditional Chinese medicine "to keep dirty dirty" theory of concrete. Because of its rich in protein, fat, vitamins and some trace elements, which has the function of nourishing and strong work.

Sea cucumber: kidney essence, nourishing yin and Yang. Rich in iodine, zinc and other trace elements. It is involved in the regulation of metabolism, lower blood lipids. Sticky protein and other polysaccharide components with lipid-lowering anticoagulation, promote hematopoietic function, anti-aging, nourish the skin, repair effect of tissue.

Shrimp: skilled craftsmen kidney impotence, Tongru detoxification. Rich in protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, especially rich, bones is tasted, shrimp extract contains immune enhancing substances.

Gorgon: with a solid kidney essence, nourishing the spleen dehumidification function. Starch, vitamins and minerals. Wolfberry fruit can eat with porridge.

In addition, animal meat, egg, bone marrow, black sesame, cherry, mulberry, yam have different degrees of kidney function.

Two: can protect the kidney:

Who wants to live a long and healthy life, we must have a sound good function of the kidney. The kidneys are very delicate and sensitive to many poisons. So first in the diet should pay attention to, not too much to eat high protein, high sodium diet, daily protein 1.5~2 grams per kilogram of body weight is enough ordinary health needs water. Don't drink too much, daily urine volume can be maintained at 1500~2000 ml. Advocate drink boiling water, it is best to drink purified water (also known as distilled water, deionized water).

(1) or less as far as possible without a strong renal toxicity of drugs, to avoid or reduce the renal toxicity of toxicant exposure.

(2) quit drinking.

(3) women's menstrual period, pregnancy, puerperium, especially pay attention to personal hygiene, prevention of urinary tract infection. The forming rule of regular habits, do not tolerate the urine.

(4) regular physical examinations, especially urine tests, renal function tests, early detection, timely diagnosis and treatment of various kidney diseases.

(5) to promote a healthy sex life, be sure that the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases harmful to kidney.

(6) a thin slender, to strengthen the training, improve the lumbar muscle contraction and prevent renal ptosis.

Diet: the diet should be light, easy to digest, and pay special attention to the proper control of salt and protein intake. Modern research shows that salty is a risk factor for many diseases, especially cardiovascular disease. Chinese medicine believes that the five flavor, salty moderate salt into the kidney, can raise kidney, salty injury of kidney. The ideal salt intake to 6 grams per day. The survey showed that the vast majority of our diet is too salty, the most serious north. Beijing 14~15 grams a day, northeast 18~19 grams a day, compared with the Guangdong health standard, 6~7 grams a day. Eating is often an important reason for the excessive salt intake of pickled vegetables, pickles should eat high protein. Diet is an important factor to accelerate the damage of kidney function, the elderly should be paid more attention. The normal weight according to the following standards roughly estimate the protein intake, 1 egg every day, 1 milk, 100 grams of carnivorous, 100 grams of tofu, 300~400 grams of main With food, fruit and vegetables.

Avoid infection: young people suffering from colds, pneumonia and other infections, usually have a big impact on the body will not easily cured. While the renal function has been impaired elderly when infection occurs, it is difficult to cope with the extra burden, often can cause further damage to renal function, even life-threatening. Therefore, the elderly you must strengthen the exercise, prevention of infection.

Beware of renal toxicity: the most common nephrotoxic drugs, such as gentamicin, streptomycin, etc.

Aminoglycoside antibiotic, rifampin, sulfa drugs, contrast agents have different degrees of renal toxicity, should be avoided. Must be used, must be under the guidance of a doctor. - Wang Amin

Eat leek, leek white (Sheng Chi), tofu, walnut, peanut, oysters on renal benefits.



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