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what foods to avoid with kidney problems

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Now a lot of people for a long time to work, and can not live in the rest, it is easy to cause our kidneys problems, often encounter the phenomenon of the kidney is not good. Often kidney is not good, in peacetime should pay attention to control the intake of protein, because protein causes the body to the influence of The new supersedes the old.. Kidney function absorption negative, there is certain to control the intake of vegetable protein, blood sugar and sugar intake of ordinary, usual diet, as far as possible or in the light.


A kidney is not good, to restrict protein diet

In the process of chronic kidney disease, some glomerular illness variable destroyed, the rest of the glomerular must increase the workload, to compensate for bad work. Because of these sound glomerular glomerular overwork (glomerular filter is mainly waste blood too out of work The new supersedes the old., excessive filtration is excessive) gradually destroyed. The more destroy more and glomerular, finally evolved into uremia. Therefore, one of the main methods to prevent the occurrence of uremia, does not let the sound of glomerular hyperfiltration.

Protein is the main source in the The new supersedes the old. waste, amino acids within the protein metabolism, decomposition products stored in the blood, is caused by increased blood urea nitrogen, hyperphosphatemia, acidosis, hyperkalemia and causes symptoms of uremia, so limiting the intake of protein, can reduce the load and improve the glomerular filtration. However, intake too little protein, human body does not have enough protein, will cause malnutrition and hypoproteinemia. Unable to maintain a healthy life, this is a contradiction. How to solve this contradiction? Doctors believe that the limits of the intake of protein quality, should intake of high-quality protein, in order to meet the needs of the body, and reduce glomerular the burden.

Generally, the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) has been reduced to less than 50mL/min, it is necessary for proper protein restriction. Due to the daily intake of protein is only limited, of which more than 60% of the protein must be rich in essential amino acid protein (i.e. high biological value of protein, such as egg quality), milk and meat, a 200mL egg, milk, the protein content of about 6G, 50g.50g fish, chicken, lean pork or beef, protein containing about 8 ~ 10g, can be roughly translated.

Uremia patients per person per day can only eat protein 25g (0.4g/kg), 35g (0.6g/kg) patients with renal failure, azotemia patients 40 grams (0.7g/kg). Dietary protein intake was 20g/ days, only suitable for severe uremia patients with 1 ~ 3 weeks, or the application of essential amino acid therapy. In uremic dialysis patients that is not required to limit the intake of protein, daily ingestion of protein per kilogram of body weight should be 1 grams. As far as possible given the high quality protein.

Two, kidney disease, eat vegetable protein

Chronic renal insufficiency patients should eat less protein, because of its non essential amino acids, not to eat beans and their products. Rice, vegetable protein contained in the surface should be removed as much as possible, such as edible starch. By 100 g, containing 6.7 grams of vegetable protein, not much food such as; have the feeling of hunger, eat taro, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, potatoes, radish and other food, edible lotus root starch paste, chestnut powder cake, Sago Syrup for diet.

For patients with chronic renal insufficiency in patients with high quality protein, is daily only need less protein can maintain nitrogen balance. However, it must be adequate intake of carbohydrates and fats (not less than 30 calories per kilogram of body weight), to supply the body with the necessary heat, to reduce body protein decomposition so as to provide heat. To achieve nitrogen balance. Also should pay attention to the supply of food rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and folic acid.

Three, to control the intake of sodium, potassium and phosphorus.

Chronic renal insufficiency often secondary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT), the key for the treatment of chronic renal failure in secondary hyperparathyroidism in controlling phosphorus metabolism, which is an important part of the active control of phosphorus content in the diet, before the glomerular filtration rate to 30mL/min, it should limit the phosphorus diet, daily 600mg. reduced protein intake, avoid eating protein rich in phosphorus diet, such as cheese, butter, milk, egg, meat, especially the brain, kidney, and sardines.

In addition to hypertension, edema, oliguria, otherwise, can not be strictly restricting salt and water intake.

There are hyperkalemia, should limit intake, potassium in vegetables, fruits, should avoid K many varieties, such as mushrooms, oranges, bananas and so on, Chinese cabbage, radish, pear, peach, grape, watermelon is better. In general, as long as the daily urine volume, 1000mL, usually no need to eat restriction of dietary potassium.


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