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baby kidney problems in pregnancy

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-10


Pregnant 22 weeks of fetal kidney problems


Fetal renal collecting system separation

Content: the description of the disease (time of onset, the main symptom, hospital etc.):

22 weeks of pregnancy the fetus to check out the double renal collecting system separation, bilateral renal pelvis separation, left anteroposterior diameter is 5.3 mm. The right side is 8.7 mm.

Once treatment and effect:

Just check out

Want to get help:

The doctor of the child's kidney problem for you, may you restore your kidney. If this is the case, the child can be born. Born healthy? I hope you can help me I am afraid this is the first child

It is easy to show in the fetal renal pelvis after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the normal renal pelvis in <6mm before 20 weeks of pregnancy 20-30 weeks, <8mm 30 weeks after <10mm., I suggest you check regularly ultrasound (1 /2 weeks), if it continues to increase, except for urinary tract obstruction, will oppress the renal parenchyma, affect fetal renal function; if no significant changes can be observed.

The solemn reminder: because they can not face diagnosis patients, unable to fully understand the condition above is for reference only, please be sure to go to hospital for specific diagnosis and treatment under the guidance of a doctor!


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