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can enlarged prostate cause kidney problems

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The elderly prostatic hypertrophy occurred in 50 years. Is a common disease of prostate increased obviously and the effect of old men's health. Modern medicine: prostatic hypertrophy associated with the endocrine system, is prostate lining urethral gland and urethral gland acinar epithelial cells and stromal hyperplasia, cystic dilatation, connective tissue and smooth muscle like section because prostate hyperplasia. Just at the exit of the bladder, urethral around the special position, the event will be urethral hyperplasia, from the bladder pressure from all sides, urine eduction, cause a series of disease of urinary system, and can also be harmful to health.

What are the treatment of hypertrophy of the prostate, how to treat the best

1. estrogen therapy: but estrogen intake needs precise, is generally not recommended for patients with prostatitis hypertrophy to estrogen injection. The long-term use, it will have a certain influence on the male physique, leading to sebaceous glands, facial pores, endocrine system of the cerebral cortex of chaos.

2. acupuncture: Acupuncture Sanyinjiao and Guanyuan, Qihai, Yanglingquan point. For acupuncture will definitely bring some pain, and need to pay attention to point accuracy, the required time is relatively long, but because of the special position of the prostate, rely on acupuncture effect is not very good.

3. surgical treatment: prostatectomy is commonly used. But it does not prevent no recurrence of prostatic hypertrophy. Usually, general prostatitis hypertrophy ineffective surgical treatment.

4. yuan. Through combination is very obvious: to improve the effect of hypertrophy of the prostate, but also present many men with prostatitis hypertrophy preferred method. It can promote the blood circulation of prostate, and the dissolution of scar, dredge the gland. The gland acinar tissue repair, restore function, enhance the guiding function of poison, so as to ensure the normal urinary system. The symptom of hypertrophy of the prostate will gradually improve.

What are the symptoms of prostate hypertrophy

A: early onset, frequent urination, urine is often increased, especially the night urine increased number of patients caused attention. Almost due to bladder neck edema and residual urine, the bladder capacity caused by reduced. When inflammation is present or accompanied with stones, a painful urgency is.

Two, dysuria: characteristics of urinary slow shoot urine weakness, urine line drop, wet shoes and pants, make the patient inconvenience erect micturition and take crouch, then as to section micturition, namely air force when urinating, barely able to discharge a little relief, or urine flow interruption.

Three, urinary incontinence: the residual urine volume increased, when a large amount of residual urine, often a filling of urinary incontinence

Four, acute urinary retention: the basis of the above urination disorder, at any time may have occurred in acute urinary retention, make the patient completely micturition, pain to jealousy, forcing patients to hospital for emergency treatment. The main causes of acute retention of urine, often for climate change, cold, tired, drinking and so on. So this diseases have no seasonal factors, but the urinary retention patients had to come to the emergency, often in the autumn and winter days of cold season. All of the above is the symptom of dysuria, in addition to urine changes and associated symptoms such as:

Hematuria symptoms of BPH: hematuria, this disease is not common, because of a few cases of bladder neck obstruction, venous obstruction, have varicose veins in the bladder, and the formation of bladder hemorrhoids, sometimes the blood vessels rupture, resulting in a large number of bleeding. With stone formation or tumor, hematuria is also inevitable.


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