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Experts pointed out that many diseases are of our own "production", but also their male kidney "get out", below to see what the men's behavior will hurt the kidney.

How the man is "broken" his kidney

1. abused analgesics

Take for a long time and large doses of some anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Compound Aminopyrine Phenacetin Tablets, indomethacin, paracetamol, aspirin, easy to cause kidney damage.


2. overdoses of some Chinese herbal medicine

The clinical findings of Chinese herbal medicine "renal injury": Tripterygium wilfordii, Guanmutong, pharbitic, Xanthium, poppy, Radix Aconiti, Fructus Aristolochiae Fangchi, etc. which lead to kidney damage of Tripterygium wilfordii, followed by Guanmutong.

3. excessive drink

Excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks will be indirect injury kidney. The body pH is 7.2, these drinks are generally highly acidic, after drinking the body pH change.

4. eat too soft bread

There is a kind of food additive potassium bromate in bread and cakes, taste soft, nervous but excessive consumption will damage people, blood and kidney.

5. overeating

The modern people dining opportunities, usually eat too much "delicious", most of these wastes are discharged by the kidneys, eating disorders will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidneys.

Drink a cup of tea 6.

Some people think that drinking drinking tea can be hangover, in fact, this is not only ineffective, but also hurt the kidney. Experts said that tea of theophylline can quickly affect the kidney and play a diuretic effect, the alcohol have not yet decomposed is excreted by the kidneys, the kidneys have large amounts of ethanol stimulation, and renal function injury.

7. excessive drink

Excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks will be indirect injury kidney. The body pH is 7.2, these drinks are generally highly acidic, after drinking the body pH change obviously. The kidney is the main organ regulating body pH, long-term excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks, will bring the burden to the kidney, increasing the probability damage to the kidney.

8. of the diet is too salty

Salty diet, leads to increased blood pressure, renal blood cannot maintain the normal flow, thus induced nephropathy.

9. often hold back

Some people are busy with work and long time bieniao. Experts remind water can cause urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis. This infection once repeatedly, can cause chronic infection, not easy to cure.

10. less water

If a long time without water, will reduce the amount of urine, carry wastes and toxin concentration will increase in urine. Clinical common kidney stones, hydronephrosis and long time without water are closely related.

The man was wary of "kidney" misunderstanding

A misunderstanding

Health care products that can kidney impotence"

Recently, the reporter saw the so-called "of every hue Baoshen" on the Internet, "kidney", "kidney health products", also have the name of "Zhuangyao Bushen", "invigorating kidney essence" banner. In some advertisements, and even direct point of "kidney, hello I good, can Hello," "make men revive" suggestive language, to promote the effect. As a result, many people think that the main organ is kidney effects on male sexual function, kidney function will be not good. Eat nourishing kidney herbs can invigorate the kidney yang.

[correct] experts

Not to increase the burden of kidney and kidney

At present on the market a lot of "kidney" product advertisements often mislead the public, even let people mistakenly think that the "Aphrodisiac", but also "eat a spirit". Professor Mei Changlin said, in fact the world is not a drug or health care products can immediately improve kidney function. On the contrary, does not increase the burden on the kidneys, in daily life, is the real "Baoshen", "kidney".

Some people due to psychological factors appeared in sexual dysfunction, eat kidney medicine, in confidence under the effect of possible improvement results, so that kidney drug played a role. In fact, the real, organic disease patients without treatment, no matter how "Aphrodisiac" are not what role.

Misunderstanding two: back fatigue, dizziness and tinnitus like "kidney"

In the hospital outpatient department of Nephrology, doctors often encounter some patients because of backache, fatigue, dizziness and tinnitus, forgetfulness, Shenpi to seek treatment, and put forward the requirements to "kidney".

Some patients also easily listen to the illegal advertising propaganda, free to buy medicine, blind kidney appeared adverse reactions after treatment.

[correct] experts

Also in need of kidney yin deficiency, kidney yang deficiency

Director of Longhua hospital nephrology professor Deng Yueyi analysis said, these patients often think that as long as the kidney mended, all other problems can be solved. In fact, people mistakenly believe that the disease is deficiency of the kidney, the kidney of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine confused kidney. Kidney deficiency is the main function of poor nutrition, lack of results, and will show the renal hypofunction, such as mental retardation, low immunity, easy to fracture, anemia, hold urine, and weak, these are common in middle-aged people, but can not be generalized, the above symptoms must be kidney deficiency.

Professor Deng Yueyi pointed out that fatigue and age are not defined kidney standard. It was not necessary to eat kidney tonifying, not only nutrients can not be added, to add to the burden. Such as detoxification organ in the acute phase of cold taking kidney dogwood, etc. Moreover, it will lead to exacerbations, lingering therefore, the doctor will say "three drug". Kidney medicine is not good for people who have hurt the stomach, such as kidney only not only can not absorb, but possible side effects such as diarrhea. In addition, the kidney is more cautious, different causes of kidney disease. Kidney qi tonifying method different from function can be pided into two. Kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency and yin deficiency of kidney yang deficiency according to an antidote against the disease, if reversed, for example, there will be aggravating symptoms like aches and fever, dizziness, throat swelling and earache.

Misunderstanding three: young people do not have nephropathy

Half a year ago, 25 year old Wang began to dizziness, high blood pressure. He had to take antihypertensive tablets, and did not pay attention.

Just a week ago, Wang suddenly blurred vision, severe headache accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Edema of lower limbs and to the hospital to measure blood pressure, even as high as 210/120 mm Hg! Further examination, the original is renal hypertension!

Today, many white-collar workers like Wang such that their young, often busy business, sometimes even all through the night. Although will feel tired, but think young healthy, don't care. They often feel deficiency of the kidney, nephropathy always after the age of 40 middle-aged people will have the disease, also not to be ignored more attention the annual physical examination, found to have end-stage renal disease.

[correct] experts

Do not ignore the kidney "distress signal"

Some young white-collar workers often reversed day and night, and love of high protein, high fat, high calorie foods, leading to excess nutrients. Diet seafood beer is also easy to induce gout nephropathy. In hospital, now about 30 years old gouty nephropathy patients increased, and the male dominated. Renji Hospital director Professor Ni Zhaohui to remind young people, once found that high blood pressure, to check the kidney. In addition, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, blood in urine, foam increase, eyelids, lower extremity edema, nocturia, waist ache, it is likely that the kidney issued distress signal.

Misunderstanding four: kidney deficiency, kidney protecting just man.

Many people think that the kidney, the kidney is men, women tend to relax their vigilance.

In fact, in fact, women are the high prevalence of nephropathy, kidney disease and its relationship with women more.

[correct] experts

Women may not wear slimming Pianfang.

Occupation female long time excessive tension, fatigue, stress and fatigue have increased. At the same time, women's own immunity relative to men, itself is low, there are some factors more susceptible. Professor Deng Yueyi pointed out that many women in order to slim, blind pursuit of weight loss secret recipe, disorder pills, large also on kidney damage. And women's special physical and psychological structure also determines the characteristics of women are more likely to suffer from kidney disease, especially pyelonephritis, lupus nephritis.

Experts remind women with lupus nephritis during treatment to prevent colds, diarrhea, tonsil inflammation, so as not to induce or aggravate the damage of kidney and avoid self medication. Driving women may often have bieniao, should pay attention not to long time driving, reduce the excessive to eat spicy food.

Misunderstanding five: not a normal pregnancy in patients with nephropathy

Miss Li recently irritated, since the hospital was diagnosed with early nephropathy syndrome, she did not dare to her husband and married life.

Two couples had originally planned to have a "baby cow" plan was also temporarily stranded. In addition to kidney disease, many men and women are worried about the deficiency of the kidney will cause harm to the body?? even a healthy baby?

[correct] experts

Pregnant to escort the doctor"

Appropriate sex is beneficial for couples and health. But even the health, life can not be excessive. Excessive harmful to health, not to mention the nephritis. Normally, nephropathy patients can have sex, but should be moderate, and according to the condition of appropriate reduction in sexual life.

We should pay special attention to hygiene, to prevent the occurrence of infection, aggravating kidney damage. Such as Miss Lee's case, experts suggest that it is better not to premature pregnancy as well. The pregnancy itself may aggravate the progress of kidney disease, may cause acute deterioration of renal function, but not all female patients can't get pregnant before pregnancy and blood pressure and protein. Urine control is good, normal renal function, the pregnancy rate was 95%, the fetus can also normal development and normal childbirth, mostly postpartum renal function in pregnant women can be restored to pre pregnancy levels. But it is worth reminding that women in childbirth should require kidney kidney doctor present "escort".


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