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can red bull cause kidney problems

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can red bull cause kidney problems

can red bull cause kidney problems?Red Bull functional beverage contains the following ingredients:

 1, taurine: belongs to one of the essential amino acids, regulate glucose metabolism, accelerate glycolysis; can enhance myocardial contractility, increase blood output, while preventing the myocardial injury; can protect liver is essential for maintaining the exercise ability of taurine, strengthen supply keeps moving ability and anti fatigue ability of.

2 increased further, lysine protein belongs to an important part of the human body and one of the essential amino acids, can regulate the body metabolism; improves calcium absorption and accumulation in the body, accelerate bone growth; promote the growth and development, increase appetite, reduce disease and enhance the role of

3, physical fitness caffeine: the direct effect on the central nervous system, make clear thinking more agile; can reduce fatigue; can promote metabolism; stimulate the liver glycogen to release The increase in energy; promote blood epinephrine increased significantly, thus speeding up the heart rate, increase blood flow, improve the oxygen transport capacity, prompting three tricarboxylic acid cycle smoothly, ensure energy has been.

4, inositol: a B vitamin, can promote the body to lower cholesterol, lecithin, helps to remove the liver in the redistribution of fat, body fat can help prevent arteriosclerosis;; liver and bone marrow is essential for the cell growth,.

5, vitamin PP: vitamin B is a kind of process, involved in energy metabolism, oxidation and decomposition of glycogen tissue respiration; participate in the synthesis of.

6, protein, fat and DNA of vitamin B6: A is a B vitamin, was phosphorylated in vivo as coenzyme form involved in lipid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism in muscle and liver in the catalytic conversion of glycogen; involved in amino acid metabolism, and lifting To effect; contribute to the brain and other tissues in the energy conversion process of.

7, vitamin B12: a B vitamin, in the body into various coenzyme involved in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism; promote the formation of red blood cells; maintain the normal work of the nervous system.

 Red Bull scientifically the functional beverage all the ingredients into the product, synergy with each other, these ingredients can promote the human body absorption and decomposition of sugar The new supersedes the old., quickly add a lot of material, energy, and regulate the nervous system function, in order to get refreshing, added strength, excellent effect of anti fatigue. Therefore, people in the physiological fatigue, energy lack of substance, energy metabolism deficiencies or obstacles, drinking Red Bull beverages, energy sufficient, can quickly eliminate fatigue, hearten spirit, improve work efficiency and quality of life. In the physical development of students who did not complete is not very suitable, which contain hormones, affect the physical development, besides, functional beverages to you a little power surplus feeling, not necessary, may cause severe insomnia, the best drink

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