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can bulimia cause kidney problems

Written by admin | Published on 2017-09-10


 can bulimia cause kidney problems

Many people know that bulimia is not good for health, but what specific harm people don't understand. So, what is the harm of bulimia?can bulimia cause kidney problems?  

Kidney disease experts say, because kidney disease is an autoimmune disease, also can not find a specific reason, therefore, relatively speaking, nephropathy can alleviate the symptoms, but a thorough treatment is troublesome, and the treatment cycle is very long. The short period treatment of chronic nephritis 1-2 months, long lifetime. If you do not adhere to medication of chronic nephritis. The treatment effect is not good, it is easy to progress to chronic renal insufficiency. Children prone to acute nephritis, most can recover after treatment, do not pay attention to small part of adult will develop chronic nephritis.

15%-20% of chronic nephritis is caused by the acute nephritis and acute nephritis patients. The reason is to alleviate symptoms, it is completely recovered, do not continue to use or not to nephropathy hospital, leaving the root cause results. So, the expert advice had kidney disease hospital acute nephritis patients with a history of a year to do 2-3 the routine examination of the urine.

can bulimia cause kidney problems?In order to avoid the recurrence of kidney disease expert reminder: nephropathy patients pay attention to rest in daily life, not too tired, but also pay attention to not overeating, because overeating will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Summer is the best time for the party in the youth, so they can be good to relax myself, but because the digestive function of normal gastrointestinal drinking excessive and overeating affected even lead to onset of nephritis.

The expert answers can bulimia cause kidney problems, friends after eating some more to pay attention during the holidays, we must pay attention to the regularity of the diet, especially the children don't use snacks instead of staple food, not bulimia.



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