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what are the signs of kidney problems

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Kidney, has the congenital essence for the organs of the Yin and Yang, but also human growth, development, reproduction of the source, is the basic life activities.

Kidney hidden in the depths of the human body, with the abdominal wall and the internal organs in front after lumbar muscle, ribs, even if abnormal, the body is also difficult to perceive in the first time, so experts say nephropathy is a silent killer.

Although people can not directly see the kidney is healthy or not, can flow out from the kidney urine, determine the renal health status.

How much is the amount of urine of normal people every day?

The kidney is the organ of manufacturing and excretion of urine, all the time in the generation and discharge of urine. The healthy kidney, will maintain a good balance of production and discharge of urine, kidney disease once, the balance is broken, no matter how long time urine or oliguria, are kidney problems.

The urine volume of an adult, one day is 1000~2000 ml, average 1500 ml, equivalent to three bottles of mineral water. If the urine volume of more than four bottles of mineral water, is much less than the urine, a bottle of mineral water, the amount of urine is less.

In addition, a great impact on the amount of urine, like the weather is very hot now, the human body through breathing, sweating, etc. some discharge water. So, hot days when the amount of urine occasionally less is normal, we do not have to worry about.

If the urine bubble change suddenly, long time does not disappear, that urine excreted more protein;

If the abnormal urine color, dark brown, dark color or opacity such as washing water, they should pay attention to, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

The kidney is the "birth of the" extra protection, the more you know, the more in place protection! 15 signal following the daily life, then your kidneys began to "red", should pay special attention to!

1, there is a bubble urine

There is a bubble in the urine for a variety of reasons, including if the protein from the kidney to the leakage of urine, the urine will have too much foam.

2, urine protein and urine occult blood

A protein or occult blood in the urine, kidney disease is an important indication, check the urine can be made clear. But sometimes non professional nephropathy doctor will ignore this point, it is recommended to find the best professional nephropathy consult doctor.

3, dysuria

Urination urine flow is felt, not agile, urinary endless, accompanied by abdominal discomfort, have very experienced people will have such an experience. Kidney deficiency is the main reason for urination, if both tired and cold limbs, cold chills, Yaoxisuanruan symptoms is deficiency of Kidney Yang gasification bad performance.

4, after urinating backache

This is the kidney performance. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney in two waist, waist for kidney palace, kidney deficiency will backache, urine by kidney qi to promote urination and presided over, after more kidney deficiency, backache even more.

5, do not want to eat

Do not want to eat, and even nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and common symptoms of kidney disease. Some patients always went to the Department of Gastroenterology or Hepatology, see is not had stomach or liver disease, did not see a stomach and liver disease, it should matter, forgot to look at the kidney doctor, delay the illness results.

6, no effort

Renal function is not good, a lot of waste from the urine excretion to go out, there will be dizziness, fatigue, fatigue and other dull feeling. Kidney disease, protein and other nutrients from the kidney leak, excreted through urine, there will be no good performance. Some patients have to be too tired, or for other reasons, while ignoring the kidney problems.

7, edema

Drinking too much, or sleep too long, too fat, eyelid, face, legs and other parts can be slight edema, if not, we must suspect that is not a problem. The kidney

8, anemia

Patients with anemia often to see the Department of Hematology anemia, really, in addition to renal excretion function, and endocrine function, hormone secretion of hematopoietic, when the renal function damage, can also cause anemia.

9, lower back pain

In the morning, suddenly felt on one side or both sides of the lower back pain, even in sleep was pain. Wake up on the toilet, obviously felt micturition not easy, urine color darker than usual, the taste is more important. This is a typical early warning of kidney damage. If you can and will discovered earlier. Early treatment.

10, hypertension

Hypertension can cause renal hypertension, also called hypertensive renal damage, so hypertension people should pay more attention to. Of course, kidney disease can lead to high blood pressure, high blood pressure if, beware of is not got kidney disease.

11, often feel tired

The kidney will produce erythropoietin hormone that helps regulate the hemoglobin level of the body, let the red cells carry more oxygen. If renal function is a problem, decrease the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, the body can cause anemia and hypoxia, resulting in physical fatigue lethargy.

12, diabetes

Diabetes can cause kidney disease, it is the name of diabetic nephropathy, diabetic complications. Diabetic nephropathy was pided into five stages, better treatment in the early days, once late, it is difficult to cure, will be developed into uremia. Therefore, diabetic patients must often look at the kidney.

13, palpitation

Kidney damage will cause the accumulation of potassium in the body, the patient is prone to heart palpitations.

14, gout, hyperuricemia

Gout, hyperuricemia is caused by excessive uric acid in the blood, high blood uric acid, uric acid deposition in the kidney, the renal function damage.

15, urinary tract infection

Frequent urinary tract infection, a long time, may cause renal insufficiency. I contacted many of the patients with urinary tract infections, because early treatment is not timely, not completely, do not understand the cause of renal function is not good, the results found, has missed the best timing of treatment.


Dandelion drink water diuresis Sanjie, prevention of urinary tract infection!

You can use water instead of tea dandelion, dandelion is also called "wet grass", can be urine stasis, reduce renal pressure, and dandelion have broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, known as the "natural antibiotics, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of.<CCTV health Road > professor Chen Ming told the dandelion on urinary tract infection treatment effect of dandelion is also called" mother Ding ".

Dandelion asparagus tea, diuretic, hypoglycemic!

If you have high blood sugar, so when brewing dandelion, brewing together in asparagus, not only can also help strengthen diuretic effect, regulating blood sugar, diabetes prevention, corn water called asparagus tea, commonly used in the folk tea diet. The bladder, liver, gall bladder. Modern pharmacological research confirmed that corn must have hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure and other effects, can liver and gallbladder.

In addition, in addition to the daily use of Chinese herbal medicine drink water diuresis and reduce renal pressure, daily eat black foods, can contribute to kidney health. For example, black rice, black beans, black sesame, everyday can eat some!

Good health habits, but also contribute to kidney health, such as smoking, avoid the environment and the use of products containing excessive cadmium; three drug, medication should pay attention to, to minimize the use of painkillers; usually more exercise, more exercise.

Finally, sleep is a good way to maintain the kidney, especially at eleven p.m. to six a.m. this time, ensure adequate sleep is conducive to the maintenance of kidney essence.


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