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is itching a sign of kidney problems

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The kidney is an important organ in our body, kidney health directly reflects our health. Do we know that a distress signal from the kidney is itchy! So we in everyday life how to maintain good kidney, kidney standard and what? Let the small series with everyone together to learn about it.

A distress signal from the kidney

1, the urine volume changes

Normal human daily urination 1000 - 2000 ml, 1500 ml on average, either more or less quantity of urine, are likely to be kidney disease.

Especially normal nocturia rarely, if found at night up several times, and drinking water is not much, but also to kidney disease alert.

2, the change of character of urine

Normal urine color is light yellow, if less water or in the early morning of first urination, a slightly darker color. If the red urine, urine or foam, should pay attention to renal medicine examination.

3, edema

The kidney is the human metabolic water organ, kidney is not good, it will accumulate water. Some people found the morning eyelid edema, or feet, swollen legs, should consider kidney problems.

4, nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms

The development of end-stage kidney disease, can affect gastrointestinal function, causing nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and other symptoms, so these performance, in addition to the Department of digestion, also pay attention to the exclusion of kidney disease.

5, skin itching

End-stage kidney disease patients, because the body can not be excreted via the urine urea, going through the skin, the skin irritation; in addition, the body accumulation of toxins can cause peripheral neuropathy, can also cause skin itching.

The kidney issued a "maintenance" signal

1, listening is not clear

The wonderful music requires good listening to recognition, but good listening to healthy ears, and the relationship between the ear and kidney Chinese medicine: "kidney stores the essence, opens into the ear.

The ear is the external manifestation of kidney health, and to a certain extent Qi Sheng and not a symbol of health.

The entire human hearing system is highly differentiated from embryonic tissues and organs, chaos when the fine structure and function become sound auditory organs, this process needs plenty of congenital essence.

The < Q - > recorded in ancient naive theory: "the essence of kidney by the viscera and hide, so hearing directly depends on the adequacy of the kidney essence, once kidney exhaustion, aging, auditory system organization also began gradually aging, shrinking.

So when upset, tinnitus, hearing loss symptoms, it may be your kidney.

2, dim and dark skin

Is the first manifestation of good complexion ruddy, also shows that your blood is sufficient, have a good complexion and also young signs, no woman can not aspire ruddy face, no one will abandon his young face.

The Chinese believe that the kidney is good, can permanent youth, anti-aging, kidney is not good, the skin will first become dull, the people are very old, but also with orbital black bags under the eyes more obvious symptoms.

3, hair loss or hair.

Whether on TV or in the display of life, beautiful and handsome standards have a common standard, is to have an elegant, beautiful hair.

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney essence, which in the hair, and hair nutrition from the blood, kidney essence, essence marrow, marrow and blood.

So that the vitality of the hair root is still very early in the kidney, so the hair will appear white, lose luster, and hair loss and other symptoms, are likely to be your kidney problems.

4, backache

Backache is not only a man's problems, women are often, especially to a certain age period, and the symptoms, people can quickly Lenovo to the kidney may be a problem.

< Suwen. The six section is on the viscera > said: "ridge.... the filling in the bone, bone marrow function to maintain the source of energy in the kidneys, bone marrow by kidney essence of life, < Q - > be as big of yin and Yang also stressed:" kidney main bone marrow "

Because the kidney essence, the essence of life and enrich the bone marrow, bone marrow, bones strong motion Jiejian. So the essence of kidney and, directly affect the bone growth, nutrition, and other functions.

So it is prone to osteoporosis and kidney failure, backache, even teeth loosening and other symptoms.

5, cloudy urine bubble

It is summer, the water season, because of the large number of sweat elimination, so water has become one of the most simple and convenient way of hot weather.

Drink water and oil will be part of the urine excreted in the urine, so clear and whether and how much foam is a very intuitive judgment of kidney health.

But if there is a problem with the kidney, will nephritis, kidney stones, renal failure and other diseases directly related, serious or even life-threatening.

If the urine bubble change suddenly, long time does not disappear, that urine excreted more protein, abnormal urine color, dark brown color, such as soy sauce or muddy rice water.

It should be paid attention to, these are examples of your kidney problems.

6, the body will appear swollen early

Every day we need to drink plenty of water to meet the needs of the body, because the body of the The new supersedes the old. water is required, and so much water in the body will be where?

The kidney is the water metabolism of human body organs, kidney good, urinary system the whole person will be very healthy circulation, kidney is not good, it will accumulate water, especially in the morning is very easy to swell.

For example: if the night we drink a large amount of water, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, second days easy to appear in the eyes of peripheral edema symptoms.

So our normal drinking water situation, if will often appear early eyelid edema, or swelling of the feet, legs, that your kidneys may be a problem.

How to maintain the kidney in daily life

1, careful medication

The daily need medication should try to choose a small drug damage to the kidney, should be under the guidance of a doctor, remember remember medication, should say whether it has certain side effects what drugs.

So if you can't take it, then try not to take the medicine

2, pay attention to the waist warm

The waist is the most easy to place. TCM believes that pathogenic wind into the damage of the body is the largest part of the kidney. Just at the waist, so the daily must pay attention to the waist warm. To avoid damage to the kidney and renal function.

3, blood pressure control

Especially the elderly renal artery intimal thickening easily, and high blood pressure will make the lesions develop a little faster. Therefore, usually pay attention to take the medicine on time.

They should also pay attention to proper exercise to lose weight, so that it is more conducive to health.

4, drink plenty of water

Water is one of the best skin care products, especially will be of great help to kidney health.

Plenty of water can reduce the concentration of toxic substances in the kidney, can help better waste discharged, is helpful to improve the whole kidney health.

5, to prevent urinary tract infection

For example, men's prostate hyperplasia, pelvic disease in women are likely to cause urinary tract infections, one of the largest and one of the causes of urinary tract infection is caused by kidney damage.

Generally if often hold back or not pay attention to the genitals clean, more prone to urinary tract infections, are also more likely to cause liver damage.

6, pay attention to science diet

Daily attention to reduce salt intake, reducing the intake of high fat foods, eating less spicy food, reduce excessive protein intake, especially as far as possible to reduce the intake of some animal offal.

Pay attention to eating a balanced diet. At the same time can eat some food has the efficacy of nourishing kidney Yin appropriate, this is more conducive to kidney health.

7, pay attention to rest do not stay up late

Staying up late beverages, including Chinese think after the eleven point is the kidney detoxification time. By this time, if you do not rest, will affect the normal kidney detoxification and therefore affect health.

So usually try to pay attention to good living habits, this is more conducive to health.

8, give up smoking and drinking

Don't smoke, don't drink, try to avoid alcohol are nourishing kidney opponents.

9, there must be timely treatment of disease

What disease of the body will be treated immediately, such as sore throat, tonsils have inflammation when should pay attention to immediate treatment, otherwise easy to cause kidney disease.

10, physical examination

At the age of 30 after a year to pay attention to renal function, urine and other medical examination found kidney disease and timely treatment can reduce kidney damage in a timely manner.

There are several good kidney gold standard

1, clear hearing

Professor Li pointed out that in the theory of TCM, kidney qi and ear auditory function and is closely related to renal hearing is good.

On the contrary, when upset, tinnitus, hearing loss symptoms, can consider kidney yin deficiency.

2, skin luster

Professor Yang told reporters that the kidney is good, can permanent youth, anti-aging. Kidney is not good, people tend to look old, the skin becomes dull, skin will change, eyes black, pouch is obvious.

3, black hair

Kidney essence, which in the hair, hair nutrition from the blood, but its vitality lies in the fundamental kidney, kidney is not good, the hair will lose luster, and early white hair loss occurs.

4, strong bones

Chinese medicine, kidney and bone, bone by kidney nourishing kidney, good bone is good. The kidney decline will appear osteoporosis, backache, even teeth loose.

5, a good memory

The kidney also raise the brain, so the kidney is not good may often forget things, unresponsive and so on.

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6, clear urine less foam

Professor Zhang told reporters that if the urine bubble change suddenly, long time does not disappear, that urine protein excretion more; if abnormal urine color, dark brown color, such as soy sauce or muddy rice water, they should pay attention to.

In addition, there hold urine, urination pain symptoms should be timely treatment.

Early 7, the body without edema

The kidney is the water metabolism of human body organs, kidney is not good, it will accumulate water. Pay doctors advise, if often get up early or swollen eyelids, feet, swollen legs, should consider kidney problems.

8, full of spirit

When the renal function when there is a problem in the body of waste residue which is difficult from the urine excreted, will appear dizziness, fatigue, dull feeling.

9, normal blood pressure

Impaired renal function will appear the symptoms of high blood pressure, and hypertension can aggravate renal damage.

"Once the nocturia in patients with hypertension, diabetes and urinary protein or lower extremity edema problems, indicating the kidney has been damaged"

Pay the doctor said, normal people occasionally appear weak, don't worry, sleep may improve, but if the symptoms persist for at least a week, must go to the hospital to check.

10, eat salty

The professor pointed out that dietary salt in 95% by the kidneys, eating too much salt can make the burden of kidney, leading to elevated blood pressure, thus induced nephropathy.

11, often hold back

Pay the doctor told reporters that the urine in the bladder in a long time will breed bacteria, bacteria into the kidney through the ureter retrograde, causing urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis. Once recurrent inflammation, may impair renal function.

12, food, drink beer

Eat too much protein foods, will produce too much uric acid and urea nitrogen metabolic waste, increase the burden on the kidneys. Heavy drinking easily lead to hyperuricemia, these habits can cause hyperlipidemia and other metabolic diseases, kidney disease.

13, do not love to drink water

If a long time without water, will reduce the amount of urine, carry wastes and toxin concentration will increase in urine, easy to cause kidney stones, drink plenty of water every day at least suggestions 1200~1500 milliliter.

Conclusion: the above is a small series of relationship on kidney health we summarize and between our health and how to maintain the kidney in our daily life, some knowledge of the gold standard good kidney, we all know it? I hope the above introduction can help small. Finally, I wish you good healthy, good luck in everything!


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