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early warning signs of kidney problems

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 To avoid chronic kidney disease, one is to regularly check the urine, blood pressure and renal function; the other is not indiscriminate use of drugs; third is to avoid the bad habits, including obesity, excessive alcohol and tobacco. Fouth is the regular examination and treatment.

The investigation

Bubble urine, red urine

To check the urine routine

Every 10 people in 100 people suffering from chronic kidney disease, but 100 patients had only 12 people know their own illness, some chronic kidney disease will develop, eventually become uremia.

Pay attention to some early signs of kidney disease. These signals emitted by the body concerned includes: 1. bubble urine increased, the bubble is in the urine protein production, if detected by urine protein positive signs of kidney disease is emerging; 2. red urine or urine red blood cell increased nocturia is 3.; kidney disease arrival signal, if overnight micturition more than 3 times to arouse the attention of.4. and lower eyelid often swollen, this may be the early expression of.5. nephritis blood pressure increased, pressure more than 140mmHg, more than 90mmHg. in low pressure, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria are early signs of chronic kidney disease.

If the above symptoms can be found through the urine routine, 24h urine protein quantitative (or albumin), serum creatinine and renal ultrasound investigation. Hou Fanfan said, kidney disease in high-risk groups to regular physical examination, some medical units have urine routine examination as a routine, ignoring the risk of kidney disease, she recommends regular urine routine inspection.

Experts remind

Long term use of antibiotics is also prone to cause kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease has 6 high-risk groups: Patients with diabetes, especially in a long time, long-term poor control of blood glucose; hypertension patients, especially in patients with poor long-term control of blood pressure; metabolic diseases such as obesity, high cholesterol, high uric acid in patients with family history; kidney disease, such as polycystic kidney and immediate relatives; 65 years of age or older; long-term use of nephrotoxic drugs for the crowd. Hou Fanfan said, some painkillers and antibiotics are nephrotoxic drugs, some long-term use of painkillers can cause damage to the kidney, now have a cold is taking antibiotics, some antibiotics are kidney toxicity, long-term use is also easy lead to kidney disease.

Superstitious remedies will aggravate kidney disease

In addition to high-risk groups, bad habits will lead to chronic kidney disease. For example, eat too salty, taste too heavy, too little water every day, drink a lot of beer will also promote the development of hyperuricemia.

Now many people think that Chinese medicine is non-toxic, love with the traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing the body, "we are not in favor of this," Hou Fanfan said, now many are tonic kidney toxicity, not the size of the drug supplements especially careful buy. "Chinese medicine is our precious wealth, but the abuse will cause harm." Hou Fanfan said that is the three drug, traditional Chinese medicine may cause renal injury clearly there are nearly 50 species, especially the kidney damage of patients, these drugs must be taken under the guidance of a doctor. "Hou Fanfan said, many patients now listen to some so-called Zuzhuanmifang, after eating but increased kidney disease, this is very dangerous. At the same time, work often hold back Biechu to kidney disease.


Four strokes to avoid

Chronic kidney disease

Whether had chronic kidney disease will progress into uremia? Hou Fanfan said, no, 20%~40% in 10~20 years for the development of chronic nephritis, uremia, diabetes and hypertension to uremia need at least 5~10 years. As long as the early detection and early treatment, remove pressure in chronic kidney disease patients on the head of the two mountains, hypertension and proteinuria the combination of low protein, low purine, reasonable, low salt diet, kidney disease can be controlled or even partially reversed.

Hou Fanfan introduced that can reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease with four strokes, a regular urine examination, check blood pressure and renal function, kidney care; two is not indiscriminate use of drugs; the three is to avoid the bad habits, including excessive drinking and smoking, obesity and so on. Four is the emergence of symptoms and early to the regular hospital for examination and treatment.

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