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Symptoms of kidney problems

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Commonly known as kidney waist Aberdeen, located in the abdomen on both sides of the back, is one of the most important organs in the body substances excreted, normally eliminate waste and water is the main body, in the event of disease status, not only may make the body produce waste discharged out, but may also make some important material "in the body must drain out but, to produce a variety of symptoms. Edema is one of the common symptoms of kidney disease, when a patient has a sleep skin, and facial edema of lower extremity, is likely to have kidney disease, but when kidney disease appeared edema, usually the disease itself has been a period of time (except for acute nephritis and acute renal failure). The treatment is more difficult, and the renal function was checked, although you can find abnormal, but in the early stage of disease is not very sensitive.

Chronic kidney disease including chronic renal failure (long-term progressive deterioration of kidney function), nephrotic syndrome (kidney loss of the body needs protein) and chronic glomerulonephritis (caused by bacteria and other reasons), the kidney itself problems, commonly known as kidney primary disease, not by hypertension. Diabetes and systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic disease caused by the secondary kidney disease.

Primary chronic kidney disease is not obvious in the early symptoms, there may be loss of appetite, fatigue and insomnia, dizzy mild edema, but not easy to judge by these symptoms of kidney disease. One of the features of early kidney disease the most important is to reduce the renal concentrating ability. Normally, we in the row of urine at night less. This is not only because the evening drink less water, mainly because of the kidney to urine concentration, so that we in the first morning urine concentration is higher, darker color. If there is a certain degree of a person with kidney, usually will not be able to produce a high concentration of urine, so the patient must not spend the night without the toilet, this nocturnal polyuria, except diabetes, is often the early phenomenon of abnormal renal function, if combined with the aforementioned symptoms, you need to find nephrologists of diagnosis and treatment for early diagnosis. Broken to treatment. In addition, regular urine examination can be found early kidney disease. Because the urine test is convenient, simple, economical, so middle-aged people should do.

Hypertension, diabetes and many other systemic diseases can occur secondary renal disease, many patients are because of kidney failure and death, so these patients should pay special attention to whether the kidney has also been affected. The secondary nephropathy in addition may have the symptoms, often seen with protein the urine, so always check the urine is also very important, also occasionally have to pinch the upper eyelid, press the face, press the front leg, soon found the swelling phenomenon.

Kidney disease has the name of the ten leading cause of death, but the general understanding of kidney disease are not follow it in its ranking of the "progress", the impression of kidney disease is still on the feet swelling and uremic dialysis.

First, there is no edema? Edema is a warning of visceral anomalies!

1, there may be acute nephritis

A: cold after two weeks notice

B: the tiny wrinkles disappeared, fine wrinkles around the eyes because it becomes swollen and disappeared?

C: the lower leg part with finger to finger pressure, depression, a long time will recover

2, is likely to function syndrome or renal insufficiency hardening

A: face and feet, abdomen, pleural water accumulates, resulting in systemic edema

B: hydrothorax ascites accumulation and retention

3, may be in pregnancy

A: late pregnancy leg edema, increased blood pressure, proteinuria

* no swollen kidney disease: kidney stones, kidney gout, pyelonephritis

Two, there is no abnormal urination? Abnormal urination should be done for inspection, can be found in the early stage of kidney disease!

The quantity of urine a day (1000-1500cc), frequency (4-8 back).

1, frequent urination: often have urinary frequency, urinary output. But rarely may be cystitis or renal or urinary problems. And the forefront

2, lack of urine: day 400cc. acute nephritis, nephrosclerosis syndrome or acute renal insufficiency

3, more than 1 2500cc: may be chronic renal inflammation, diabetes and other phenomena

4, nocturnal polyuria: night to the toilet several times, there may be chronic kidney inflammation or hypertrophy of the prostate.

5, the quantity of urine a day of diabetes insipidus: in 5000-10000cc, about every 30 minutes on a toilet.

6, proteinuria and renal disease: the relationship is very close, but the serious degree of proteinuria cannot be used as a pointer to determine disease severity. Physiological proteinuria and disease related, after strenuous exercise, the cold, or emotion, this phenomenon, not the symptoms of kidney disease.

7: hematuria is very important for kidney disease symptoms.

(gross hematuria hematuria) can be directly observed, (microscopic hematuria) under the microscope before he can see the urine containing blood, kidney, nephritis, cystitis, calculus and other symptoms.

Every time the tonsils inflammation hematuria, this is a kind of immunoglobulin A glomerulonephritis in young people, or is a currently unexplained idiopathic renal hemorrhage.


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