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How do i know if i have kidney problems?

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how would i know if i have kidney problems

How do i know if i have kidney problems?The kidney is not good will exhibit a variety of problems, one body is hale, associated with renal strength. When the weather has turned cold, the human body needs enough energy and heat to keep the weak, if true, will be due to lack of firepower, dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, Yaoxisuanruan, fatigue, urinary incontinence or anuria and other symptoms, this is kidney yang deficiency. And the body fluid deficiency, loss of moisture, nutrition and other effects, the clinical manifestations of emaciation, Yaoxisuanruan, dizziness, tinnitus, dry mouth and throat, hot flashes sweating, red face, short yellow urine, kidney yin deficiency. This is specific to the inpidual, the kidney well, there will be all the following symptoms: 1, kidney problems, on both sides of the thigh will sour, soft, weak, often itch. Unable to gas to the chest and lungs with our breathing slowly is not smooth, long after there naturally a tracheal atresia, atresia The air is not easy to come in, people will feel suffocated, must "dry" to slow it down. The kidney two pathways, up from the soles of the feet after Yongquan, went to the root side, along the inner legs go up from the rear. The first came to the waist and bladder combined, and down on both sides of the spine when we go to the kidney is not good, the gas will be insufficient, blood would not come, so will the waist acid, back pain, and then go to the neck, neck feel stiff; to the head will feel faint bilge unwell, the head will feel nausea, over his head down to two a "smart point" between the eyebrows, the gas will not feel dry eyes. Second from the front, through the thigh with the genitals and liver we combined finally along on both sides of the body to his chest and lungs. Combined with 2, insufficient kidney and bladder can not be combined, resulting in bladder sphincter cells to metabolism and cause death loose Relaxation, urination condition is not good, frequent urination, long after the cells slowly necrosis, finally urinary incontinence. 3, to see something called the visual part of the pupil ", is directly controlled by the kidney, kidney problems, kidney water can not be sent to the eyes, eyes will feel dry, acid, astringent, visual will slowly fuzzy, serious will appear dark, called" floaters ", long after the pressure will become increasingly large, resulting in" glaucoma ". 4, get up in the morning, the heel can be uncomfortable, because people in the rest, the blood is in the liver, the kidney will get up to the temporary ischemia, blood to the body, because of kidney well, the gas is too weak, blood is too slow, joint blood naturally stiff, activities, blood circulation to the joint will be relaxed. 5 people will live speech, speech itself consumption strength, kidney aerobic is too weak, then the gas consumed will not want to speak, because the work can not speak, the voice will not come on, Will a deep breath. 6, want to always feel that not enough gas, natural breathing will soon breathe a short, nasal nasal mucosa ischemia will, because ischemia, resistance will reduce, in the air of dust mite will destroy it, destroy the will of course sensitive, wet weather, change, bear will attack, said "allergic rhinitis. 7, male friend of the prostate (prostate), a woman's ovaries, uterus are indirect, directly with the kidney, kidney problems, therefore, to a certain age, prostate hypertrophy will; women due to kidney is not good, ovary, uterus will be weak and cold cold, no power will be discharged in each month of the blood drain, row not clean are stranded in the womb, each menstrual blood is to be drained out, can not stay in the womb, for a long time will inevitably cause clot accumulation, tumor formation, known as the" uterine fibroids. "8, every month Menstruation is not, on the inside back and forth impact, uterine endometrium will push, can't bear the blood inside will be deformed, ectopic, called "endometriosis"; endocrine will slowly confusion, excessive secretion, vaginal discharge will be formed. 9, the kidney is not good, the gas is weak will have cold hands and feet, especially in the winter. Slowly for a long time, is not sitting, standing or walking, or not, will certainly cause nerve injury, do not sleep well at night, and finally fell asleep, a little voice will be woken up, even if asleep all night dreaming, sleep with no sleep. Very tired every day.


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