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Can kidney problems be detected with urine test?

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Can kidney problems be detected with urine test?The urine can predict renal disease, if there is anything wrong with a glance!

Do not know if you have the situation when you pee there and see the color of your urine and whether there is a bubble, if has an answer, then congratulations to you this is a good habit to urinate at a glance, equivalent to do a self check!

As we all know, the urine is human and vertebrates in order to The new supersedes the old. needs, through the liquid waste of urinary system and urinary excretion. Normal urine color is light yellow, transparent, non turbid precipitation phenomenon. But when the urine in these cases may have to be careful, your body problem!

Pee foam

If you only occasionally have bubbles, and soon dissipated, it may be urgent, micturition pressure; eat too much sugar, high protein food, urine composition changes caused by or strenuous exercise, the formation of "transient proteinuria"; another possible reason is mixed with urine or semen other genital urine lead, no big deal, pay attention to rest to adjust the diet can resume soon caused.

If the urine is often bubble, but the bubble is not easy to dissipate, then you need to check!

The urine is always a bubble, and even frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms, it is recommended to the hospital to do a routine examination of the urine, if the urine protein, then your urinary system may be a problem, this may be the urinary tract infection, may also have kidney problems, need further examination! Etiological and symptomatic treatment.

Urine yellow red

Urine with red it is likely that the symptoms of urinary tract infections, such as urethritis, urinary calculi. In general, hematuria and urination, urgency, dysuria. Recommendations to the hospital urology examination, so as not to miss the best time of treatment.

Normal condition: eat carrots with natural pigment of fruit and vegetables, will make your urine red. But this phenomenon is only temporary, drink a few cups of boiling water, will be gradually reduced.

The urine is yellow like tea

If the urine long yellow like tea, suggesting that liver or gallbladder had lesions. When the liver or gallbladder disease, bile to the intestine the road was cut off, only from the urine row, urine due to bile content increased, deep yellow.


Albiduria, also known as chyluria, milk is milk white. This is because from the intestinal absorption liquid can cause MI, chylous reflux into the urine. Chyluria caused by congenital factors, such as congenital lymphatic valve dysfunction; there are secondary factors, secretion of purulent infection of filariasis as usual and urinary system to see.

The urine volume is too small

If you drink plenty of water every day, but the quantity of urine, beware may suffer from oliguria, kidney failure and the relevant. For adults, the daily urine should be not less than 400 milliliters.

Frequent micturition

When you feel that the voiding frequency was increased, and accompanied by a sharp decrease in body weight and appetite than before, this time to be careful of diabetes. Frequent urination, weight loss, easy to hunger and thirst, which is the typical symptom of diabetes, must be careful oh!

Urine odor change

The diet will not only affect the color of urine, also will change its smell. Urea in urine has a taste of ammonia, the greater the content (less water content), taste more thick. Foods, such as asparagus, will significantly alter odors. Some people after eating asparagus, urine odors become like rotten cabbage.

In the production of "kidney urine outstanding", it is always a variety of foods we eat into consideration, leave proper water and minerals, in order to keep healthy.

The abnormal urine occasionally does not need to worry about, but if the urine color, taste changes, or the quantity of urine, the micturition cycle suddenly had a big change, and has been continued, whether we should be alert to your body in alarm, must promptly to the hospital for investigation, not luck. This is just like us the kidney, God gave us two kidney, one is micturition, another, not to buy apple, they have their own responsibilities, if a buy apple, the pressure will be another big change, there will be due to excessive pressure and collapse!

In fact, any disease is not terrible, there are some traces in the former, suggest that you usually pay more attention to life, disease will be strangled in the cradle of a healthy and happy life!


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