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How to tell if you have kidney problems

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-13


How to tell if you have kidney problems.Just like our body many organs like kidney, when the normal time, you almost never feel its presence; and when you feel it, it must be what the problem was.

The kidney potential is very large, that is, it can use a small part of its work to replace the entire organ, as long as your kidneys and 1/3 in normal work, can maintain the normal physical condition. Below this level, began to accumulate in the toxins in the blood, you will have the feeling of fatigue, weakness, liquid can not be discharged; will produce edema, shortness of breath and hypertension. The kidney is the late stage of renal failure, there may appear the following symptoms.

1, nausea, drowsiness because the kidney can not eliminate the waste in the blood, these wastes will accumulate in vivo make you feel uncomfortable. It will feel sleepy and urea increased nausea.

2, pale, or a sense of weakness due to kidney can promote in vivo erythropoiesis, you will feel tired, no strength and look pale. This symptom is called "anemia"

3, skin edema due to kidney is unable to clear the body of excess water, interstitial fluid retention in the body tissue, you will find your ankle and eyelid swelling. If the intrapulmonary effusion, you will feel shortness of breath.

4, the urine volume changes while kidney function, but can produce urine urine, however, is different from normal, with normal when it does not contain the waste, urine volume and can not fully explain your kidney function is good or bad.

5, oral odor because the kidney can not remove urea and other waste, so these wastes will accumulate in the body, make you breathe out a bad smell and no appetite.

6, urine routine, renal ultrasonography, renal function tests, combined with clinical symptoms to initial diagnosis.


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