The causes of frequent micturition, urgency and odynuria

One, frequent micturition
(1) physiological frequency of urination:
Excessive drinking, mental stress or cold weather, increasing the number of urination is a normal phenomenon. The characteristic is every time urine quantity is many, also does not have along with frequent micturition, urgent urination and so on other symptoms.
(2) pathological frequency of micturition:
Common in the following situations.
1) polyuria frequency: the number of urination increases, and the amount of urine per day increases, and the total urine volume increases throughout the day. Diabetes, diabetes insipidus, polydipsia, and acute. The polyuria stage of renal failure.
2) inflammatory frequency: frequent micturition and each urine volume less, with more urgency and dysuria, urine microscopic examination showed inflammatory cells. See in cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis and urethral prostatitis.
3) NUFC: frequent urination and urine volume each time less, without painful urgency, urine microscopic examination without inflammatory cells. In the central and peripheral nervous lesions such as hysteria, neurogenic bladder.
4) bladder capacity reduces the frequency of urination: the performance of persistent urinary frequency, drug treatment is difficult to relieve, each time less urine. It is seen in the occupying lesions of the bladder; the compression of the bladder by enlargement of the gravid uterus or ovarian cysts; and bladder tuberculosis causing fibrosis of the bladder.
5) pathological changes around urethral mouth: urethral mouth polyp, hymen umbrella and urethral gland cyst are stimulated, urethral mouth causes frequent micturition.
Two, urgent urination
(1): inflammation: acute cystitis, urethritis, especially the bladder trigone and after urethritis, urgency symptoms is particularly evident; acute prostatitis often urgency, chronic prostatitis accompanied by gland hypertrophy, the dysuria, urinary fine and urine flow interruption.
(2) stones and foreign bodies: bladder or urethra stones or foreign bodies stimulate mucous membrane to produce frequent micturition.
(3) tumor: bladder cancer and prostate cancer.
(4) neurogenic: mental factors and neurogenic bladder
(5) under high temperature environment, urine is highly concentrated, acid high urine can stimulate bladder or urethra mucosa, causing urinary urgency.
Three, odynuria
The urgency of the cause of almost all can cause pain caused by pain in the pubic area, perineum and urethra, odynuria property can be burning or tingling. Urethritis appear in urination pain at the beginning; after urethritis, cystitis and prostatitis often appear at the end of odynuria.

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